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Peeping Tracey (Part 2)
Thu Sep 6, 2018 8:37am

Sarah scanned Tracey up and down and then laughed. The other girls joined in laughing at Tracey's near flat chest and bare pussy. "No wonder you stare at other girls. You have nothing to stare at yourself," Sarah giggled. "Is this padded? How pathetic."

Tracey squirmed and struggled to break free but was stuck. "What should we do with her now?" Meghan asked.

"I say we expose her secret to the entire world," Hannah suggested.

"I say we tie her up at the flagpole in front with a sign that says Peeping Tracey on Display," another girl suggested.

"What if we film a video of her and post it on YouTube?" Another chimed in.

More suggestions flew out as Tracey began to cry not wanting any of that to happen. Her life would be over if anyone saw her. "Please, don't expose me to everyone. I'll do anything! I promise!" Tracey begged. "Please!"

Meghan thought. "Anything? Alrighr then. Let's put that to the test. Masturbate right here on the spot and keep your legs spread wide open so we can see everything."

Tracey not having much of a choice laid on the bench spreading her legs wide open. Hoping to reduce her embarrassment, Tracey closed her eyes as she slowly rubbed her lips and clitoris. She began to move her hand faster in and out of her pussy and around towards her most sensitive areas making her moan. She shivered as she felt the wetness of her pussy and knew everyone in the room could see it, but at least it was only a few people.

Finally after a few more minutes of torture and moaning, Tracey cummed in front of all the girls. She slowly opened her eyes and quickly formed a look of horror as Meghan put her phone down. She had filmed everything and could do anything she wanted with it. Tracey didn't bother trying to cover as she knew it was hopeless now.

"Now you're going to come with me and do everything I tell you, or the whole world is going to see this lovely video of Peeping Tracey Masturbating in the Girl's Locker Room," Meghan smiled wickedly.

Tracey looked down in shame but nodded in agreement.

Tracey was pulled to her feet with her arms pinned to her back and she was pulled outside and onto the football field. Coach Victoria was waiting for the girls and was beginning to wonder what was taking them so long. Victora was a young 24 year old who was fresh out of college and coaching the varsity cheerleading team. When she spotted the girls dragging a naked student across the field she smiled to herself.

"Girls, what are you doing?" she asked as they approached.

"Coach, we're teaching this pervert a lesson as she was caught staring at my sister while she was showering," Meghan spoke.

Coach Victoria frowned a bit, "That is a serious violation of the locker room rules and should be reported to the principal immediately."

"Yes, Coach, but we don't think a simple suspension will teach this girl anything. Which is why we brought her out here. Perhaps you have some ways to teach this pervert a lesson?" Hannah said.

Coach Victoria smiled softly. "Oh, yes. I do have some ideas. How about she joins the cheerleading practice? i'm thinking a few jumping jacks and splits. You know the football team likes to watch as we practice. I think that would be a suitable punishment. Don't you, girls?"

"We think that would be a perfect idea," the girls all said.

Tracey gulped realizing her day just got longer.

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          Such an awesome story weldone :)
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        Looking forward to part 3
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