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Miss Kelly's Big Mistake
Thu Sep 6, 2018 2:12pm

Author's Note: This is another one-off story. It's a little more extreme than my other two recent posts but I'm hoping that the ENF part makes up for it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I take criticism constructively as I always want to become a better writer. Thank you in advance.

Miss Kelly's Biggest Mistake

Maria was angry. No, screw that! Maria was livid. In fact, she'd even go as far as to say that she was beyond livid-- if there was such a thing. Miss Kelly, her little sister Josephine's middle school teacher, had actually put her hands on Josephine. It happened school let out. They were alone in the room so there was no proof that the altercation had actually taken place but the red hand print on Josephine's face-- adult sized hand print at that-- told Maria all that she needed to know.

It was why she was sitting in Miss Kelly's empty class room at that very moment, an hour before school was to begin. She had had the misfortune of being in Miss Kelly's class a few years ago. She didn't like it back then and it seemed like Miss Kelly was just as much of a bitch now as she was then. No one put their hands on her little sister. She was going to rock Miss Kelly's world.

Miss Kelly arrived a few minutes later, wearing a full length, navy blue dress with sexy red roses all over it. Her medium length red hair was brushed neatly behind her back. As soon as she turned on the light and made eye contact with Maria, Maria jumped up and raced towards the door to block the teacher from running out. Locking the door, she turned towards the teacher and pulled a very familiar, very illegal item from her pocket. They might be illegal but having a switch blade on you at all times in her neighborhood was the difference between living to see the next day and dying in the streets.

"Maria, please..." Miss Kelly begged.
"You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? You used to terrorize me and my friends.." Maria snapped.
"My friends and I," Miss Kelly instinctively corrected.
"Are you ...in' kidding me right now?" Maria asked.
"Good grammer is esential in every situation," Miss Kelly admonished.

Maria couldn't believe her ears. She was still doing it! She was still taking the moral high ground like every student who didn't meet her expectations was somehow beneath her. Up until now, she had actually considered actually cutting the teacher with the knife. It would have been worth it to go to jail if it meant that the message that her sister was off limits was received loud and clear. Now, however, she wanted to go a different route.

"I think you need a lesson in humility. Something to knock you off that high horse you are constantly on. What do you think, teach? You better answer correctly," Maria warned.
"I.." Miss Kelly paused and shook her head. "Yes, Maria. I need a lesson in humility."
"I couldn't agree more. Give me your cell phone," Maria said, holding her hand out.

Miss Kelly reluctantly started to go through her purse until she found her cell phone. She handed it to Maria. Maria took a few minutes to familiarize herself with her teacher's phone and then brought up the feature that let her record videos.

"Okay, teach, here is how this is going to go. I swear to you, if you do not follow my instructions, to the letter, I'm going to scar up that beautiful face. However, I'm going to do you a favor. If you DO do everything I tell you to, I'll put the knife in my pocket and I promise you I won't take it out again. No matter what. Fair deal?" Maria asked.
"Yes. You holding that knife scares the shit out of me," Miss Kelly admitted.
"Okay. I am going to count you down with my fingers. When I reach one, you are going to look at your phone. You are going to recite your full name. You are going to recite your e-mail address. You are going to recite your phone number. You are going to recite your home address. You are to recite them in the order I just told you. Then, you are going to pull that fugly dress over your head and toss it on the floor. Your bra will be next. Then your panties. Finally, you will kick off your shoes. I want you naked as the day you were born. I want you smiling at the camera the entire time. I want you to tell the camera that you are butt naked in your own class room and that you fully intend to be butt naked when your students arrive. I want you to tell the camera that you will not cover any part of your body. To drive this point home, you are going to gather up your dress, bra and panties and you are going to cut them up. I'm talking tiny little pieces," Maria demanded.

The full weight of everything Maria said suddenly hit Miss Kelly like a ton of bricks. Her life would permanently be ruined. She opened her mouth to start to beg but her eyes drifted to the closed switch blade that Maria was playing with in her hand. She nodded her head in agreement.

"Are you really going to make me teach naked?" Miss Kelly asked.
"Real talk? You ...ed up... big time... when you put your hands on my sister. So, I'm going to give you a little taste of what is still to come. We are going to do a second video. You are going to smile at the camera and you are going to ask me to drive over to your house and remove every single stitch of fabric in the house. Curtains, towels, clothes, blankets, sheets... anything and everything. I'm going to ask you, on camera, what I am supposed to do with all of that stuff and you are going to tell me to donate it. All of it. You are going to tell me that you do not want to own a single stitch of clothing ever again. Furthermore, you are going to tell me that if you are ever to break your word on that, I am to send the third video to every member of your family," Maria told her.

Again, Miss Kelly looked like she had just been whacked with a bag full of bricks. Without warning, Maria held up five fingers. Lowering one, she went to four-- three-- two-- ONE.

"My name is Elizabeth Anne Kelly. My e-mail is Luvs2Teach10@hotline.com. My phone number is 555-2739. I live at 1023 Wickmore Street."

Maria gave her teacher a thumbs up and then motioned for her to keep going. She also looked up, made eye contact with Miss Kelly and smiled brightly. Miss Kelly smiled at the camera and then started to raise her dress up. As Maria expected, not only did her panties not match her dress but they were pink and definitely granny panties. Luckily for the teacher, however, her super sized breasts were encased in a matching pink bra.

The dress was unceremoniously dropped on the floor and her hands shot behind her back. After catching the clasp, she pulled the bra cups away and let her bra drop to the floor, baring her super sized breasts for the camera. With another big smile, Miss Kelly hooked her thumbs into her panties and pushed them down, revealing her completely bald sex. This shocked Maria, who had Miss Kelly pegged as too prudish to shave.

With her panties on the ground, she looked at the camera and continued to smile. Maria did a motion with her hands to inform the teacher that her next move was to turn in a slow circle. As Miss Kelly turned, she felt her face redden as her plump, bubble butt came into view of the camera. The camera had now seen everything but her butthole.

When Maria lowered the camera she smiled brightly at Miss Kelly. In truth, Maria had not expected Miss Kelly to do as well as she was doing. True to her word, Maria deposited the switch blade back into her pocket. She once again vowed to not remove it again.

"What's to stop me from coming over there, kicking your ass and taking my phone back?" Miss Kelly asked. "You aren't so tough without that knife."
"Miss Kelly, Miss Kelly, Miss Kelly. Why would you say such a thing? You were just starting to get on my good side. That's over now. Choose someone from your contact list to receive the video we just made. Be quick or I'll choose," Maria said, clicking her tongue.
"No! Please! I'll do anything!" Miss Kelly begged. "I'm sorry!"
"Okay, I'll choose," Maria said.

In no time at all, Maria brought up Miss Kelly's contacts list, chose the name Angela Morello as the random name, attached the video and sent it. Miss Kelly's eyes went wide when Maria told her who she sent it to.

"Who is she?" Maria asked.
"Angela Morello is the head of the PTA," Miss Kelly wailed.
"Oh, wow! That was totally random, too! Sucks to be you. Shall we do another or do you want to move on to the second video?" Maria asked.
"Second video," Miss Kelly sounded completely broken.
"Okay. I'll count you down again. You know what to do," Maria demanded. "Oh, and just because I know what a prude you are, I want you to use the words "tits" and... I was going to say vagina but I really want to humiliate you. I want you to use a word that no self respecting woman would use. No woman with pride, dignity or honor. Use the word "pussy" when referring to your private parts."

Once again, Maria counted Miss Kelly down. Like a pro, Miss Kelly looked at the camera and gave the biggest smile that she could as the fingers continued to drop on Maria's hand. Finally, she reached one.

"You know what? I need a favor. If I give you my key, will you run to my house and take all of my fabrics away? I want every single sort of fabric that I own to be gone. Don't stop with clothes either. I want towels, sheets and blankets gone as well. Curtains too. I want anyone looking in my window to see my naked tits and my... pussy. Would you please?" she asked, looking at the camera.
"Wow. That is a lot of stuff. What am I supposed to do with it all?" Maria asked.
"Donate it! Donate it all! Give it to charity. If you do that, I will vow never to purchase, borrow, or own another stitch of clothing. I'll prove it to you. Watch," Miss Kelly said.

Heading around her desk, she pulled a pair of scissors from a drawer and walked back around. Picking up her scattered clothes, she began the task that Maria had set for her-- starting with her dress. She cut it from one end to the other and then repeated the process until it was reduced to a pile of tiny pieces. Her bra and panties met the same fate. Looking back up at the camera, she smiled.

"That's not all. This is my choice and I want to go through with it. I know that to make sure I am strong, I need to be held accountable. If anyone sees me with any clothing on-- if I use my hands, arms, or anything else to cover my tits or my... pussy... I want you to send my third video to all of my family members," Miss Kelly announced.

As a final shot for that video, Maria moved in to the pile that was once her dress, bra, and panties. When the video ended, Maria backed up, lowered the camera and smiled at Miss Kelly. She praised her for doing so well and then told her it was time to shoot the final video. This one was going to be the worst video that Miss Kelly could possibly imagine and unlike the first two, it would only be made public if Miss Kelly went to the police, told anyone about Maria's part in this, or if he was seen wearing any clothing.

"What now?" Miss Kelly demanded.
"This one is going to be a pure exhibitionist video. You are going to stand there, smile at the camera. Then you are going to hoist your plump ass up onto that desk, spread your legs nice and wide and jill yourself off. That's right, you are going to masturbate on your own desk. Just know this, I don't care what happens-- if you are seen in a single piece of clothing, your mom, dad, and the rest of your family will be watching this video. If you get arrested, you better beg them to let you stay naked. Refuse to wear anything. Just remember, before we start this video, you brought this upon yourself when you slapped my sister," Maria said.

Miss Kelly looked like she was going to break into tears but Maria put a stop to that by holding up her hand, ready to count her down for the last time. When she reached one, the teacher smiled brightly to the camera before moving to her desk. As she tried to get up onto the desk, her cheeks spread, revealing the last secret that she had been keeping.

Maria wanted to laugh but she managed to stay silent for the entire thing. She watched as the naked teacher got herself off in her own class room. Shaking her head, she ended the video at the teacher's climax and finally burst out laughing.

"You do realize that everyone who sees you from now on is going to see you naked? Your massive tits are going to be up close and person with everyone's eyes. You just masturbated in your own class room. Now, here is what is going to happen. You are NOT to hide behind your desk. I want you to remain on your desk. Keep your legs spread wide. You are going to be the talk of the town after today, Miss Kelly. Every one of your students is going to see your tits and well... I have a vagina, like every other respectful woman but you won't be showing a vagina, will you? Because you had no self respect... you will be showing your pussy, won't you?" she asked.

Tears poured down Miss Kelly's face as she nodded her head. Maria walked to the door and stopped. Turning back around, she grabbed the poor teacher's footwear and then rummaged through her purse, pulling out her keys. She held them up and smiled.

"That wasn't just for the videos, Miss Kelly. I am really going to remove every single piece of fabric you own. You are going to come home to a house as bare as your plump ass is. As for your phone, I'm going to hold on to it until I have had a chance to add all of your contacts to my own phone as well as the three videos. Have a great day, teach!" Maria said with a laugh before walking out of the class room, leaving Miss Kelly to her humiliating fate.

    • Re: Miss Kelly's Big Mistake - John Walker, Mon Oct 15 2:54pm
      How about revenge against Maria for shaming Miss Kelly?
    • Very good - DW, Sat Sep 8 1:02am
      I like this, I hope me Kelly screws up
    • Very good - M, Fri Sep 7 8:46pm
      I very much enjoyed this however if everyone is going to see her naked anyway why not break the rules. :)
    • Great story! - Anonymous, Fri Sep 7 12:58pm
      Loved it. You were totally right, it was a bit intense, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable like some other stories here. I know you said it's a one-off story, but I'd love to see a follow... more
    • Good Grammar - Anonymous, Fri Sep 7 8:26am
      Oddly enough, "my friends and I" would be incorrect in this instance. Saying, "You used to terrorize my friends and I" is as wrong as saying, "You used to terrorize I." The most correct form might... more
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