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Peeping Tracey (Part 3)
Fri Sep 7, 2018 1:52pm

Tracey felt embarrassed as she was forced to run around the track completely naked. The girls followed close behind as they made sure Tracey didn't slack off or try to cover herself. If the girls got close enough to her, they would slap her butt forcing her to run as fast as she could which meant she couldn't cover herself as it would slow her down.

She was then forced to do some routines as the football team happily watched from a distance. Word somehow got around that Tracey was naked and the football stadium began to fill with other students. Tracey was so focused on the routines that she didn't notice for awhile. Then during a water break, she turned and saw everyone was watching her. "Oh my gosh," Tracey squealed. "Meghan please let me put something on! Everyone's watching."

"Now you know how it feels when others watch you when you don't want them to," Meghan smirked. "You're going to cooperate if you don't want that video going viral on the internet."

"This next routine you are going to be on top of the pyramid which means everyone is going to see you on display. We're going to make extra sure that your legs are spread wide open. You must have your arms up at all times. You will stay up there for a good 10 minutes before we let you down. After that you can make a run for the locker rooms."

Tracey listened to Meghan very carefully and nodded in agreement not having another choice. The girls stood up from the water break and started the routine. The pyramid was built tall with Tracey on the top. Her legs were held wide open and Tracey was forced to keep her arms up so by now the whole school could see her flat chest and bare pussy. People were also taking pictures and videos of her and she was forced to stand there for ten minutes while they did so. it seemed longer than ten minutes before Tracey was let down and she made a run for the locker rooms.

She slammed into the door as it had been locked from the inside. Meghan approached Tracey from behind and giggled. "I said you can run for the locker rooms. Never said they woud be open."

Tracey stood against the door not knowing what to do. "Practice isn't over yet. We still have 30 more minutes," Meghan smiled. "And we're just getting started too."

"Please have mercy!" Tracey begged. "Everyone's watching! Please!! Isn't this punishment enough?! I've learned my lesson I promise."

Tracey was shown no mercy as she was dragged back onto the middle of the field in front of the filled stadium. She could see teachers and students of all ages as they watched. "Tracey has been a very naughty girl," Meghan spoke. "She's been spying on other girls as they changed and showered. Now we're going to let you spy on her. It's been a long practice after all. I'd like to thank the football team for allowing us to use the Jumbotron for this."

Tracey's eyes widened as an inflatable pool was brought out, blown up to act as a bathtub. It was filled with water only meaning one thing. Tracey was ordered to step into the "bathtub" as everyone watched. Girls circled her grabbing a bottle of liquid soap mixed with hair removal and began rubbing it all over Tracey's body. Any hair Tracey might have had was completely removed as she was being bathed in front of the whole school. The girls weren't shy about it either as they shoved fingers covered in soap up her butthole causing it to pucker and open up. There was so much soap up her butt that she was forced to let out a loud fart causing the crowd to laugh loudly.

Then the girls started cleaning her front as fingers stroked the outside of her pussy and then a few bold girls began to rub around her outside lips and eventually shoved a couple fingers up her vagina. All of this was captured on the jumbotron to Tracey's utter humiliation. Tracey shovered as girls continued to rub around her pussy. Meghan smiled wickedly as she focused on Tracey's most vulnerable spot. Her clitoris. Tracey shuttered as Meghan continued to rub circles as everyone watched. Suddenly Meghan pulled her arm away refusing to continue. Tracey felt so stimulated and began to beg Meghan to continue, but she wouldn't.

This forced Tracey to finish herself off in fromt of the audience of students and teachers. Finally Tracey was free to leave after suffering total humiliation. She ran into the now open locker rooms and just say there naked unsure of what to do.

Sarah felt a tad sympathetic and gave Tracey a towel which she wrapped around her body. Tracey definitely learned a valuable lesson.

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    Sarah scanned Tracey up and down and then laughed. The other girls joined in laughing at Tracey's near flat chest and bare pussy. "No wonder you stare at other girls. You have nothing to stare at... more
    • Peeping Tracey (Part 3) - Humilatron, Fri Sep 7 1:52pm
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        Such an awesome story weldone :)
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      Looking forward to part 3
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