Very good
Fri Sep 7, 2018 8:46pm

I very much enjoyed this however if everyone is going to see her naked anyway why not break the rules. :)

  • Miss Kelly's Big Mistake - The Controverser, Thu Sep 6 2:12pm
    Author's Note: This is another one-off story. It's a little more extreme than my other two recent posts but I'm hoping that the ENF part makes up for it. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I... more
    • Very good - DW, Sat Sep 8 1:02am
      I like this, I hope me Kelly screws up
    • Very good - M, Fri Sep 7 8:46pm
    • Great story! - Anonymous, Fri Sep 7 12:58pm
      Loved it. You were totally right, it was a bit intense, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable like some other stories here. I know you said it's a one-off story, but I'd love to see a follow... more
    • Good Grammar - Anonymous, Fri Sep 7 8:26am
      Oddly enough, "my friends and I" would be incorrect in this instance. Saying, "You used to terrorize my friends and I" is as wrong as saying, "You used to terrorize I." The most correct form might... more
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