Naked Nightmare (Part 1)
Sat Sep 8, 2018 6:23pm

Ashley was looking forward to the first day of senior year. It was to be the best year ever as she was finally done with grade school and would then be going to a prestigious university. The night before she went to bed at 11:30PM wanting to get a good night sleep.

It was only a few minutes after where she fell fast asleep.

When she opened her eyes , she found herself in the middle of the hallway at her school. "Hmm," she said looking around.

The school was completely empty no one in sight. She wandered the hallways that seemed endless. "Wait I'm at school. And this must be a dream," she said "That means I can do whatever I want!"

She smiled to herself thinking of the possibilities. She then began to strip her clothes off. First her shirt, then her shorts leaving her in a pair of white cotton panties and a white bra. She giggled to herself as she was standing in her underwear in the middle of the school hallway. The best part was there were no consequences in doing so.

She started sprinting down the long hallway leaving her shirt and shorts laying on the ground. She rounded the corner and laughed. Finally she put her thumbs through the top of her panties and yanked them to the ground. As she pulled them down to the ground, her butt came into full exposure as she felt a breeze against her cheeks. Her pussy was completely shaved with not even stubble. She put her hands against her waist with pride as she laughed at her own exposure.

Next she unclasped her bra revealing her size A breasts. Her nipples were hard from the excitement of her streak.

Now she was completely naked in the school hallways with no consequences whatsoever. She laughed to herself as she began to run down the halls completely naked not even bothering to cover herself. Her clothes left far in the dust. She continued to run around the entire school as the hallway was completely empty.

She turned into the auditorium feeling the excitement in the air. There she stood in the middle of the stage. The spotlights turned on as they pointed towards Ashley. Ashley only began to feel more excitement knowing that anything she did here was not going to have any consequences. She laid down on the middle of the stage and placed her hand just outside of her pussy lips. Her legs were spread wide open leaving nothing to hide. The rest of the auditorium was completely dark leaving Ashley in the full spotlight. She began to rub herself slowly closing her eyes and imagining herself getting caught in her dream. How embarrassing that would feel. But none if it would be real.

She continued to rub her clitoris gaining momentum as dirty thoughts entered her mind. She started to moan getting turned on by the thoughts. "Uhhhhh," she said loudly as she continued to rub faster and faster.

She shuttered as she cummed on stage.

Suddenly the auditorium lights came on. Ashley opened her eyes. She was there on stage with her legs spread wide open. She had just ejaculated on stage and then she tilted her head confused. "Oh my gosh, is that Ashley?" A familiar voice asked.

"What's she doing here?" Another voice said.

"Oh my gosh she's naked," a voice giggled.

"Is she the streaker in the school?"

"Oh my gosh this is too good."

"What a slut."

Ashley's eyes fell on the doorway in front of the auditorium. Standing in the doorway and in the back of the auditorium was the entire student body as they were filing in for first day briefing. Ashley jumped to her feet in shock. She felt her stomach twist as she realized that this was no dream. This was real. She was butt naked, on stage, in school, in front of the entire student body. And she just masturbated in front of the whole school.

Her eyes widened. The halls had been empty because she was early.

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