Blackmailed Bella (Part 1)
Sun Sep 9, 2018 11:16am

Bella was a young spoiled teenage girl who kept a folder of private photos for her own enjoyment. She would never dare show them to anyone as they had pictures of her butt naked and legs spread wide open revealing her deepest and most private areas. They revealed her small developing breasts and bare tight pussy, something she would never want people to discover as she wore padded bras to disguise her underdeveloped body.

Bella came home from school one day and went onto her computer to do her homework. That's when she saw she had a new email from AnonymousFriend@hotmail.com. When she opened the email she read.

Dear Bella,

You remember those precious photos you have saved on your computer? Well what if I told you I had copies of every single one of those pictures on my computer? Don't ask how I got a hold of them, i just do. Want proof I have them? Attached below is the very folder that contains all of those private photos of yours. The best part is you don't know who I am. You could say I'm someone yoi managed to piss off, but that's a long list of people. You see these photos? If yo don't do everything listed below in 24 hours, I will leak every single one of them onto the internet and even more all over school. You'll be so humiliated you won't be able to show your face in school ever again. Now get going because your 24 hours starts right now.

Anonymous Friend

Bella's eyes widened as she checked the files attached. Sure enough, they were all of her private pictures and she didn't know who was contacting her. It could be anyone. She had no idea how they could have possibly gotten a hold of those, but that was beside the point. Now she had to do all of these tasks in order to prevent her photos from leaking. She looked at the list. Of course the first task on the list was to strip naked and run down the neighborhood screaming "I'M NAKED!"

Bella weighed her options. The whole school and world could see those pictures, or she could streak down the neighborhood. She looked at the clock it was 3:00 PM the middle of the day and she only had 24 hours to do the list of tasks.

She sighed and began to strip off her clothes leaving her butt naked. Her parents weren't home yet as they worked late on the weekdays. She exited the front door of her house and began to run. "I'M NAKED!" She yelled loudly and repeatedly.

The more she yelled the more heads turned her way as people were walking their dogs or walking home. She continued running down the street, the asphalt burned her feet as she did but she couldn't stop in fear of getting caught by someone she knew.

Suddenly as she ran she felt her self go flying as her foot caught on something. She landed face down on the grass. She looked behind her and her eyes widened. She had been tripped by Jenny, one of the most popular girls in school. "Hey, Bella. Watcha doing?" She giggled as she stared at Bella.

"I-I decided to go for a bit of a jog," she said as the list told her to do to anyone who asked.

"You went out for a jog, naked?" She giggled. "Oh this is great. I have to text my friends about this."

She snapped a photo of Bella laying sprawled on the ground. Bella closed her legs and blushed as she looked at Jenny. "Please, I beg you. Don't show that to anyone!" She yelled. "No one can see that picture."

"Afraid they're going to see your itty bitty titties?" Jenny asked as she laughed. "I thought you wanted everyone to see since you yelled to the whole neighborhood. Unless there's something you want to tell me?"

Bella didn't know what to do. She couldn't tell Jenny she was being blackmailed as that would raise the question what she was being blackmailed with. She also couldn't let Jenny share those photos.

"Please, I beg you, I'll do anything," Bella said. "Just please don't share those photos around."

Jenny laughed. "Begging? How sad. Well, I suppose there are some things that would be better than just sending photos around. Fine, if you don't want these photos to get shared around you're going to come shopping with me as you are."

Bella nodded thinking it would be better than having her pictures shared around. She went with Jenny as they climbed into her car. Jenny drove off down the road. Bella's eyes bulged when she realized they were headed for the mall. It was always crowded with people.

"Now when we go shopping you are to keep your arms at your sides at all time. No covering, no crossing your legs, or any other attempt to cover yourself. Remember I have complete control over you as I have these photos of you and more," Jenny instructed.

"More?" Bella asked.

"Oh didn't I tell you, I am the AnonymousFriend," she smirked. "You have to do everything I tell you or all of your photos leak."

Bella gulped as she realized this was going to be a long day.

    • PART 2 PLS - Anonymous, Sun Oct 14 5:40pm
      Your story is amazing! Please do a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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