Blackmailed Bella (Part 2)
Sun Sep 9, 2018 12:00pm

Bella and Jenny entered the crowded mall as Bella was forced to keep her hands at the side. They started to walk deep into the stores as Jenny led Bella to the most popular areas of the mall. As they approached one area Bella saw a bunch of people from her school including some guys. Bella turned to Jenny and begged. "Please don't show me to them. Please! They can't see me. Can we please turn around? Whatever I did to you, I'm sorry but please don't let them see me?"

Jenny smiled evilly. "What makes you think that's not the plan?" She asked. "Hey guys!"

All of the people turned to Jenny and waved. "Hey Jenny, what's up?" one of the guys grinned.

Then they noticed Bella standing there naked with her arms at her side. "Woah is that Bella?" Another guy asked. "Oh my gosh that IS. Look at her tits. They're completely gone."

"And her pussy is so tight I don't even think a micropenis could fit in there," another dude remarked.

"What's she doing naked?" One of the girls asked Jenny.

"Bella here decided to take a jog down the neighborhood, and I invited her to come shopping with us. I promised her I wouldn't share any photos but I never said no one would see her," Jenny explained

Bella's face was a deep red as she knew she was powerless to cover herself up as she couldn't risk Jenny sending those photos.

"Give the guys a spin, Bella," Jenny ordered.

Bella slowly turned around revealing her small butt and then coming back to her bare pussy and flat chest. The guys cheered as they did and the girls all giggled loudly as Bella was clearly embarrassed.

Two guys grabbed Bella's hands one on each side as Jenny and the others began to walk further into the mall. Bella felt even more embarrassed as she was now being paraded around the mall for everyone to see and she couldn't even cover herself.

She was recognized by multiple people from her school as they giggled and laughed. When asked Jenny would happily tell them that Bella here was a streaker and Bella couldn't defend herself as it would risk having her more revealing photos leaked.

Finally after hours of walking around the mall being shown off to everyone there, Jenny took Bella back to the car. She slapped Bella on the butt as she climbed into the car. And then she climbed into the driver's seat and began to drive heading back towards the neighborhood.

"Alright, Bella here's the deal. You are going to do one more thing for me and then I'll delete the photos I have, and you'll be free to leave," Jenny said. "But you have to do it exactly as I say. I'm going to film as you do it so if you mess up, I'll have yet another piece of blackmail to add to the collection. You are going to masturbate in front of the camera, but even more you are going to moan as loud as possible. The doors and windows will be left wide open for anyone passing by to hear. And you're going to moan your crush's name. Whoever it is, I'm sure you have one. If you don't have one, make one up. Even better, you'r going to do it right in the family room on the couch."

Bella was led inside her house and into the family room. Jenny opened all of the windows and left the doors wide open. Bella sat down on the couch and spread her legs as wide as possible exposing her lips as they opened up. Jenny set up a tripod right in front of Bella's legs and adjusted the camera so you could see Bella's face as well as her intimate areas.

Bella slowly began to stroke her lips with her right hand. As she got into the motion, her hand started moving faster and she let out the loudest moans possible. "Josh!" she yelled loudly. "Uhhhh, Josh!"

She began to rub her nipples with her left hand gently stroking them as the camera rolled she was yelling and moaning so loud there was a crowd forming at the door and at the windows staring in to watch this teenage girl play with herself in the middle of her own family room, not even in the privacy of her own bedroom.

Some of the neighbors looked disgusted others couldn't help but laughed as they believed she was doing this out of her own free will. She moaned louder and louder if it were even possible. The neighbors all filmed everything on their cellphones to show to their colleagues later because if they didn't they would surely be told they were lying as they retold the story.

"Mmmmm," she moaned loudly. "Josh...."

She began to shiver as she hit the climax and everything sprayed all over the place. "Bella! What in God's name are you doing?!!!" She heard a yell from the doorway.

Startled she jumped up from the couch. She saw all of her neighbors watching as the doorway cleared revealing her mom standing there looking pissed. Jenny had left awhile ago feeling satisfied with the amount of blackmail she had on Bella. The camera continued to roll as her mom grabbed her arm and sat on the couch pulling Bella over her lap.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. "How dare you act like such a slut! Masturbating in the middle of the family room! What the hell is wrong with you???! You think this is fun and exciting?? Giving the neighbors a show and having them think this household is for sluts!" Her mother yelled as she smacked her ass as hard and as fast as possible.

"You have embarrassed this whole house with your disgusting acts!" She roared. "Streaking in the mall! Streaking in the neighborhood! And displaying yourself as you masturbate!!! You are in for a world of hurt and humiliation, young lady. You want to put yourself on display like that? Then you don't need to have any privacy. We can easily sell all of your clothes. Your door is going too. And your computer password is going to be removed so that everyone can have access to that computer and further more you will be denied the ability to delete any files or clear your browser history so you better hope there's nothing on that computer that you don't want people seeing. I'll be going through your computer myself in fact."

Bella continued to get smacked on the butt cheeks hard and fast as everyone watched from the windows and doorways.

Bella felt absolutely mortified as her mom told her her punishment and spanked her in front of the whole neighborhood.

Finally she was sent to her room where her door was immediately removed and her computer was taken away.

She heard her phone go off and she checked it. Her eyes widened as a text message said.

"It's Jenny. Yeah about those photos, they're getting leaked anyways because I lied. All I care about is you getting humiliated and this is going to do just that. Get ready because the whole school and the world is about to see you and your little secrets. I'll be stopping by to collect that camera as well as I will want all of that footage. Did you like seeing your mom burst through the doors and spank your ass? You can thank me for that one as well. I tipped her off to give you the best surprise of your life. Look forward to seeing you around."

Bella's color trained from her face as her phone began to blow up as more and more people saw her most private photos as they were leaked all over the place. Jenny came back to the house and collected the camera sharing all of the video around as well leaving Bella with absolutely nothing to hide anymore. Bella felt so embarrassed knowing that Jenny played her for the ultimate humiliation and won.

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    Bella was a young spoiled teenage girl who kept a folder of private photos for her own enjoyment. She would never dare show them to anyone as they had pictures of her butt naked and legs spread wide... more
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      Your story is amazing! Please do a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Blackmailed Bella (Part 2) - Humilatron, Sun Sep 9 12:00pm
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