Indian Boy
Vacation misadventures
Sun Sep 9, 2018 9:16pm

Author's note: It's been almost a year since I wrote a story here. I don't know if any readers from that time are still around and remember me.
My stories are about Indian Boy and how he ends up exposing himself unluckily. As the name suggests the stories are set in India in a metro city. The main character of the stories is Indian Boy (around 13 years for this story), his elder sister (15) and mother. Ofcourse he has a father but he doesn't feature much in the stories. His elder sister's friends Tina (15) & Rhea (13) and their mom who used to be a doctor before Rhea's birth. Their father works in USA and hence they live alone.

Indian boy's mom & sister are busy packing for their upcoming weekend picnic to a nearby hill station with Tina, Rhea & their mom. Indian boy's father had to go out of town for sime officework & hence he was trying to convince Indian boy to go with his mom and sister as there would be no one at home to look after him.

"But dad they are all girls what will I do with them? I will get bored".
"Well you guys are checking in a good resort, it has lots of activites and I am sure there would be other kids your age so maybe you will make new friends".
This went on for sometime after which Indian boy surrendered.
"Come on start packing your things, we leave early tomorrow" his mom ordered.
"What's there to pack? We are going for a night, I will just take something to change & toothbrush. Can't understand why is sis packing from hours"
"That is because I will need clothes to change after we reach resort, then swimsuit for pool, something to wear when we go out to see places around the resort, nightdress & something to wear when we are in room. Unlike you I don't roam around in undies" sis said playfully pulling Indian boy's undies - the only thing he was wearing.
"What's wrong in being in undies, it's hot and it's not like entire world is seeing me, it's just mom, dad & you".
"Yup but you will have to wear clothes in resort" his mom pitched in.
"Oh mom who's going to come in our room? I will keep a spare set of clothes for emergency"
"Tina & Rhea might come to our room"
"They will knock, I will have time to wear something".
"Forget it mom, looks like bro will learn his lesson hard way. Maybe someone in resort will end up seeing him the way we see him daily" sis said.
With this the family retired to bed.
Part 2 coming up

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      • Good Story - kalymero, Tue Sep 11 6:26am
        A good new story. I have read the old stories you writted, but I don't think that I have found all of them. How can I found them ? Thanks
    • I remember you - Jeepman89, Mon Sep 10 11:18am
      I remember you. Glad to have you back. I look forward to the next part.
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