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Chapter 1
Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:47am

Hello there fans, here is another story of mine for you all to read :)

Everyone has things in life that they are afraid of but for Amy it's two things, getting spanked and spiders so when the two came together it was horrible O_O

Let's find out how it happened, enjoy ;)

Amy was a cute 18 year old girl she was 5ft2 had c-cup breasts and a cute little bottom Amy lived with her parents and her younger brother James, Amy was mostly a good girl doing well in school and had a few friends but Amy sometimes had a foul mouth on her and would often get in to trouble, her parents were strict and still believed in spanking and just because Amy was 18 it didn't save her from the dreaded wooden spoon.

It was Halloween week and everyone was looking forward to the weekend so they could dress up and go out partying but while Amy was in high school the teachers took it like any other day and one teacher thought it would be good to bring all the pupils back to reality with a test, when Amy found out there was a quiz she was pissed "BLOODY TEACHER...........i have a party to go to tonight, i don't need this right now" Amy thought but then as the teacher began to inform the class what the test was about Amy began to grin.

Amy had found out that another pupil hated this teacher a little bit more than she did and one day he copied the teacher's test papers just incase a quiz came up and Amy had one of the copy's in her bag so she opened her bag and took out her book with the paper hidden inside and got to work, after 5 minutes the teacher got up and began to walk around the class looking around he knew someone had been going through his desk drawers but didn't know who so this was his chance to find out and when he noticed Amy looking back and forth from her test paper to her book he became suspicious and walked over.

"How you doing there Amy" he whispered and Amy jumped as she didn't know the teacher had walked up behind her and she quickly slammed her book shut "FFFF....fine sir, thank you" Amy quickly replied but the teacher frowned "What to you have there Amy" he asked "Um just my book sir" she replied, "What's inside it" he asked again "Um.......pages sir" Amy replied but the teacher's frown deepened "Are you cheating Amy" he asked and Amy played it off with a little laugh "HA...........me cheat.....no sir not me" Amy replied thinking that that was the end of the matter but she was wrong.

"Ok then Amy.............then let me have a look inside your book" the teacher said and Amy's face went pale "Why sir there is nothing to see" Amy replied and the teacher knew then Amy was hiding something "Hand me the book Amy" he asked "Um........no sir there is nothing inside it, just pages" Amy replied, the teacher had had enough and grabbed the book out from Amy's hand "HEY........THAT'S MINE, GIVE IT BACK YOU JERK !" Amy barked as the whole classroom stopped working and looked over as the teacher opened the book and looked through the pages and a place of paper fell out and landed on the floor which he grabbed and began to look through.

His face went a little red "AMY SMITH..........who dare you cheat in my classroom......go to the head master's office right now young lady" the teacher ordered "YOU CAN'T DO THAT.............i wasn't the one who copied your dump test papers, besides it's Halloween week why should we all do dump tests when we are busy thinking of better things to do with our times" Amy snapped back.

The teachers face bubbled up cherry red and he opened the door "HEAD MASTER'S OFFICE RIGHT NOW !" he yelled and Amy huffed and walked out "Wait here class.......i will be right back" the teacher said as he followed Amy down the hallway to the office, once there the teacher knocked on the door "Come in" a voice spoke and Amy walked in with the teacher behind her.

"Oh Mr Scott..........hello Amy, so what has Amy done this time" the head asked "I caught her cheating in my classroom sir and she kicked off and shouted when i found out" the teacher replied, "I see, Amy you knew the rules here, cheating in class will get you paddled" the head said standing up "NO DON'T DO THAT, I wasn't the one who copied the papers" Amy replied "Doesn't matter, you should of told a teacher when you got a copy but you kept the copy and used it in a test, so your just as bad as the pupil who copied them.

"NO THIS IS WRONG, YOU CAN'T DO THIS......GET AWAY FROM ME !" Amy screamed but Mr Scott held on to Amy's sides and walked her over to the desk and bent her over it, "NO STOP.......GET OFF ME YOU JERKS...........NNNNNOOOOO DON'T !" Amy squealed as the head master lifted up the back of her school skirt "I think this should be a bare bottom paddling as your not behaving Amy" the head snapped.

"EEEPP......NNNOOO !!!" Amy screamed as she felt her red panties slip down her legs and the rush of cool air on her backside and then the head master raised the paddle up high and then.


After 5 minutes Amy was no longer fighting the teachers she was crying like crazy slumped over the desk with her backside a bright cherry red "Ok Amy i hope you have leant your lesson" the head asked "YYYYY........YES SIR" Amy replied between sobs "And you won't cheat in any class's never again" he added "NNNNN.......NO SIR" Amy cried, "Ok then you may get dressed, Mr Scott when Amy is ready to go take her back to class and carry on, i will look in to whoever is copying our papers and cheating" the head said "Ok sir, thank you" Mr Scott replied.

"Amy you will report back here before you go home understand" the head ordered "Yes sir" Amy replied after a few minutes of sobbing and she wiped the tears from her face and she winced as she pulled her panties back up over her red hot tender butt, Amy was walked back to class and when she sat down she almost jumped back up and the rest of the class knew 100% from Amy's face that she had been given the paddle "OOOWW....MY ASS, BLOODY TEACHERS !" Amy thought as she tried to settled down for the rest of the class.

At the end of the day Amy reported to the head masters office and was given a note to take home but knowing her parents would spank her again she thought that if she got rid of the note her parents would never know, so when she left the office she got her stuff and walked out and on the way home she ripped the note up and dropped it in a bin "BLOODY TEACHERS.......YOU THINK YOU ARE SO GREAT.......I BLOODY HATE YOU ALL" Amy hissed under her breath.

Feeling smug Amy walked through the front door only to find her mother standing there waiting for her with a cross look on her face "Oh hi mum, what's wrong" Amy asked "I heard you got the paddle today for cheating" her mother replied and Amy's heart skipped a beat, Amy soon found out that the school had called home ahead of time to inform Amy's mother what had happened and told her that Amy will have a note sent home with her "So where's the note Amy" the mother asked.

Amy thought she had a chance to get out of it as it was just her word against the schools "Um what are you talking about mum, i wasn't cheating today and i didn't get the paddle" Amy replied with a blank look on her face, Amy's mother knew Amy loves to lie so she grabbed her daughter and span her around "EEEPPP......MUM WHAT ARE YOU DOING !" Amy squealed but her mother didn't reply "EEEEEPPPP.....STOP !" Amy yelled as her mother lifted up the back of her skirt and pulled Amy's panties away from her butt.

Amy's normally pale white bum was still rosy red from the paddling and that was all Amy's mother needed to know that Amy was lying and she let go and Amy quickly turned around and pulled her panties back up "WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT !" Amy asked feeling shocked trying to play one over her mother still, "I see, didn't get the paddle, so why is your butt still red" the mother asked and Amy's face blushed "Oh that, funny story I fell over today" Amy replied with a little laugh trying to play it off.

"Where's the note Amy" the mother asked again "There isn't a note mum, nothing happened" Amy replied "Ok well we aren't going anywhere till you tell me, or does your father need to ask for it" the mother said with a raised eye brow and Amy gulped as she knew her father would beat the hell out of her butt, "Ok...ok, i ripped it up and dropped it in a bin, but i only did it because i was upset" Amy replied but her mother was super cross to hear she through it away "RIGHT THEN........come with me young lady" the mother ordered.

"MUM PLEASE NO DON'T MY BUTT STILL HURTS !" Amy begged "Oh does it, well it will hurt even more when i am done and just you wait till your father gets home" the mother snapped as she sat down and pulled Amy over her knee, Amy got a hard sharp hand spanking from her mother and when her dad came home Amy was sobbing in her bedroom as her dad came up with the WOODEN SPOON O_O

Amy begged her father not to use the spoon her ass was bright red but she knew there was no going back and layed on her bed with her bare ass up as her dad got to work and Amy screamed and cryed as her butt burned and she was told never to cheat in school or lie to her parents ever again, to make matters worse as punishment Amy was told she wasn't allowed to go out to a Halloween party her friends had invited her to and Amy was so upset that she spent the rest of the day in her room.

As the day went in to the evening Amy was getting ready for bed when a huge spider ran out from under her bed and Amy freaked out and grabbed a shoe and killed the spider with it just as her brother James walked passed her room, James walked in to the doorway hearing the scream and the loud thud "What is going on in here" he asked "I hate bloody spiders" Amy replied "Oh yer that, HA god you are such a scairedy cat sometimes" James sniggered.

"SHUT IT JAMES, I CAN'T HELP IT IF I DON'T LIKE THEM !" Amy snapped "Ok...ok, say I heard you got the spoon again, hows your ass, still hurt" James teased "GET LOST !" Amy barked walking up to the door, "Ok...ok I am going, you know that spider might not be the only one in here, they are always more scared of you than you are of them" James said "YER WHAT EVER.....goodnight James" Amy replied shutting the door.

Amy got ready for bed and changed in to her plan pink pj's but as she was still not sleepy partly because her butt was still screaming she sat in bed and watched a little TV but there wasn't much on till she came across a horror film about giant spiders attacking people, wrapping them up and eating them, Amy quickly turned off the TV feeling uneasy watching it "What a crap film, who would want to watch something like that" she said grabbing her sheets and laying down, she turned off her bedside light and soon was asleep.

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        • Thank you all :) - Wedige Spanker, Thu Sep 13 3:18pm
          Hello there :) I am so glad that everyone as enjoyed this story, it means a lot to me to know you like the work I do :)
        • naturally - sinfulstories, Tue Sep 11 11:49pm
          Excellent...You've really captured the subconscious in this story very well. Amy, herself, knew she'd deserved each spanking....even the spider had a turn! :)
        • That was... - Ewong, Mon Sep 10 9:37pm
          That was different. I'm afraid of spiders, so this creeped me out a good deal, especially the fact it was sort of real(?). Though, a spider that is into spanking, and not killing is a plus I guess.... more
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