Indian Boy
Vacation misadventures 2
Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:18pm

Next day they all started for the resort in Tina's mom's car. While Indian boy would have liked to have some boys for company, he didn't mind this as Tina & Rhea were regulars at their home and he was used to them. 4 hours later they checked in - Indian boy, his sister & mom in one room and the others in second room.
Indian boy decided to explore the resort as soons as they checked in but was stopped by mom. "You haven't had a bath in morning. You woke up too late and had promised to shower once we reach, so get in the shower".
"OK mom" said Indian boy and started stripping his clothes. "Oh God, when will my little baby get some modesty? Can't you remove clothes in the bathroom?"
"Mom, don't start it again, please keep these clothes here only. I will wear them after shower while going out".
15 minutes later there was a knock on bathroom door. Indian boy opened the door completely. Her mom was standing at the door with his briefs in her hand looking angry. "Opps!" heard Indian boy with a sound of chukle. Before he could react his mom thrust the briefs in his hands and closed the door.
"What happen mom?" asked Indian boy while coming out of bathroom. He was now dressed in briefs.
"GET DRESSED FIRST" shouted mom. That's when he realized Rhea's mom was also in room. Embarrased he ran back to bathroom and asked mom to give his clothes.
When he came out, his mom started scolding "don't you have a simple common sense that you shouldn't open complete door when you are naked? Not only Rhea's mom but also a maid who had come to serve us tea show you fully naked! When will you learn basic things?"
"It's ok, he is a small kid. Let him be free, you should be happy he is not prude and is free around his family. Ofcourse sometime someone will see him in a state of undress but it's not the end of world"
And hence Indian boy's sister's words had come true. But will there be more?

  • Vacation misadventures - Indian Boy, Sun Sep 9 9:16pm
    Author's note: It's been almost a year since I wrote a story here. I don't know if any readers from that time are still around and remember me. My stories are about Indian Boy and how he ends up... more
    • Vacation misadventures 2 - Indian Boy, Mon Sep 10 8:18pm
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      • Good Story - kalymero, Tue Sep 11 6:26am
        A good new story. I have read the old stories you writted, but I don't think that I have found all of them. How can I found them ? Thanks
    • I remember you - Jeepman89, Mon Sep 10 11:18am
      I remember you. Glad to have you back. I look forward to the next part.
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