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Wedige Spanker
My story's and what website i use :
Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:25pm

Hello there everyone :)

As you have noticed I go by the name Wedgie Spanker and the main website I use is called Deviant Art where you can go and read loads of story's made by me, I am or so using this site to post me work as it's great as well and I want to share my work around so many more people can read them.

If you want you can head over to Deviant Art and look me up and it's free to do so, I post new story's there weekly and have loads more ready to go :)

I am going to be posting on this site as much as I can so watch this space :)

Thank you to everyone who has read my story's so far and the kind feedback is very welcome :)

Many thanks to you all :)

    • Re: My story's and what website i use : - Anon, Fri Sep 14 11:40pm
      The plural of “story” is “stories”. If you want to entice people to read your work, learning how to use an apostrophe properly would be a good place to start.
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