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Wedige Spanker
Rosy Red Riding Hood And The Wedgie Woof (nm)
Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:27pm

    • Chapter 1 - Wedige Spanker, Thu Sep 13 3:33pm
      Hello there fans, here is another story of mine for you all to have a read :) Now I am sure you have heard or have read the classic story of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf but I have given the... more
      • Chapter 2 - Wedige Spanker, Thu Sep 13 3:41pm
        Rosy's mother tells the story from long ago.......... "Rosy, 20 years ago back when i was your age i lived here with your grandma, one day me and a few friends went in to the woods to hang out but... more
        • Chapter 3 - Wedige Spanker, Thu Sep 13 3:45pm
          "HAHAHA........this isn't because you did something wrong my dear !" the wolf laughed "THEN WHY ARE YOU GOING TO SPANK ME THEN !" Rosy sobbed, "YOUR GETTING SPANKED BECAUSE I LOVE TO SPANK CUTE TEENS ... more
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