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The Masquerade Magician | Introductions
Thu Sep 13, 2018 4:58pm

Thomas Kadabra was a young male around the age of 20 As a kid he always wanted to be a magician. He studied different performers and watched videos of all of these magicians doing their tricks. During his high school year, Tom went through a bad time. He was blown off for being this nerd with an odd hobby and would get bullied by both girls and boys for doing so. He was miserable throughout his entire high school career despite having all As and being favored by some of his teachers. He absolutely hated high school.

Then came the day when he graduated. Instead of pursuing a degree at some college, Tom decided to take his love for magic to the next level. But he wanted to do more than just simple tricks with the same old stuff that every other magician did. Then one day after looking through his old high school yearbook, Tom got this idea. He smiled with glee when he realized exactly what he wanted to do.

The first step was to create a costume for himself. He first ordered a black mask that fit well against his face. Then he bought a black top hat that every magician has. Finally bought a long black cape for extra effect. He put on and old black tuxedo, the mask, cape, and hat to take in his new persona, the Masquerafe Magician.

He quickly put together list of different names and set off to start his career.

    • The Masquerade Magician | Part 1 - Humilatron, Thu Sep 13 5:38pm
      "Come one come all to the brand new show! The show you will NEVER be able to forget. It's the Masquerade Magician performing live at the Indigo Theater. Performing live for you all to see. With... more
      • Re: The Masquerade Magician | Part 1 - Viredae, Wed Sep 19 7:11am
        Always enjoy your stories, can't wait for the next one.
      • Interesting concept - Leom1133, Sat Sep 15 10:26am
        I like the premise of your story. I think the pace and build up and the embarrassment part could be more fleshed out to make the story even better. When I started reading it I was hoping the victims... more
      • Great job! - Jeepman89, Fri Sep 14 9:21am
        Love this. Please continue.
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