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Treble rebel
Ellie naked,Vicky embarrassed part 1
Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:22pm (XFF:

The gang was on the busy train, it consisted of four teenage girls and six boys. As the train got busier two of the girls had to stand up, Ellie, and Vicky. The train pulled into the next station and bumped to a stop. Vicky who was 19 fell over and landed across the others laps. Ellie, who was 14, fell into a young lady’s pushchair. The young lady was cross with her. “ so you think it’s funny to fall into my empty pushchair? What if my child had been in it? You very naughty girl, you need to be taught a lesson, and since you’re in a buggy I think this will be fitting.” Said the young lady, who was in her late 20’s, she reached into the buggy, and before Ellie could do anything, the lady had pulled Ellie’s shorts off her legs and strapped her in. Everyone in the carriage had been watching, and as Ellie’s shorts came off, her panties had come down to her ankles. Ellie was completely bottomless and trapped. Everyone could see her bald pussy and everyone started laughing at her.

“Oh look here’s your pink panties too.” Said the lady pulling them clean off Ellie’s ankles and holding them aloft for all to see. The train started to move off from the station “Well little girl, you won’t be needing your shorts or panties any more today will you?” And with that the lady threw the shorts and panties out of the open carriage window.

Ellie watched the clothing fall down below the window and turned beet red. She had to get off the train bottomless and all anyone was doing was laughing at her. No one tried to help.

Vicky who had landed across the teens laps was trying to free herself and stand back up. Another girl from the gang called Katie, had Vickys skirt covered bottom on her lap. Vicky’s hands were caught, trapped under two of the boys and she was struggling to try and break free. Katie seized the moment and lifted the back of Vicky’s skirt up, revealing her 19 year old, panty clad bottom to the carriage. Fortunately for Vicky with the boys trapped under her, they couldn’t see, but Vicky tried wriggling and squirming to make Katie drop her skirt. The women on the train could see Vicky’s panties and they were all laughing at her.

Vicky most definitely did not want the boys seeing her panty clad bottom. It was laundry day, and she was wearing a most humiliating pair of panties, they had batgirl print on. Vicky squirmed more trying to get herself free and trying to get her skirt out of Katie’s hands and back down. A few more teen girls had gotten on the train and seen Vicky struggling to keep her modesty with Katie lifting her skirt.

The teens decided to try and help Katie, not realising Katie was Vicky’s friend. They assumed Katie was trying to remove Vicky’s skirt. The three teens walked over to where the two young girls were struggling. One grabbed Vicky’s left leg, one Vicky’s right leg, and before either girl could react, the third girl pulled Vicky’s skirt clean off. She bundled it up in a ball and threw it towards another gentleman, but the wind caught it and pulled it out the window into the countryside.

The boys looked at Vicky’s panty clad bottom and laughed too as they saw the batgirl printed panties.

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