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Phoenix Fall -Prolouge
Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:05pm


Heather loves writing ENF stories!

She kept a journal full of story ideas and short drafts, and had recently begun posting on a ENF story board.
At age 29 Heather was quite the looker if i do say so myself.
Standing tall at 5'11 with dark blonde hair and hazel colored eyes, she made it a habit to stay in shape.
All part of her routine, work, work-out, write.
And the occasional Netflix binge of course.

One day while her best friend Liz was over, Heather had forgotten to put her journal away.
Liz picked up the book from the coffee table and skimmed through it while Heather was getting ready in the other room.

Liz couldn't believe what she was reading.
Stories of bondage, blackmail, and humiliation.
Ideas for stripping and embarrassing girls in public.
With notes like "SO HOT" or "Naughty ;)" written next to the pages,
Liz deduced her friend had a fetish.

Liz stashed Heather's journal in her bag and the two went out as normal.
That night Liz called Heather's other friend Jackie and told her about what she had discovered.

Suddenly some of Heather's behavior began to make sense.
Jackie remembered that time Heather "accidentally" left the changing room curtain open on her.
Liz added remembering a time Heather shared bikini photos of her "on accident" in a group chat.

The two friends hatched a plan, if Heather loved embarrassing nude situations so much, then maybe it was time to help their friend live out a fantasy.

-----------Story Changes to First Person--------------

This chapter was short because from here on out the story changes to first person.
As if the event are happening to me, if was more "FUN" to write it that way ;)

    • Phoenix Fall -Chapter Two, Finale? - PhoenixENF, Mon Sep 17 6:04pm
      ----Part 2---- Standing dead center in a room filled with strangers and some really close friends. One arm across my large breast pushing them up and against my body. My other hand clutching my pubic ... more
      • Another great one! - okayterrific, Thu Sep 20 2:19pm
        I really liked this story a lot. Your style (as always) is great and the idea of an ENF writer having her fantasies turned against her is such a hot idea. As a guy that has a thing for women in heels ... more
        • Heels - PhoenixENF, Thu Sep 20 6:33pm
          So happy you like it! I am also a fan of how a girls legs/butt look in heels Stockings and Sexy panties help the visuals too ;)
    • Phoenix Fall -Chapter One - PhoenixENF, Sat Sep 15 9:44pm
      ----Part 1----- I woke up that Saturday morning feeling great! After a cup of coffee and some 30 minuets of yoga in my living room, i jumped in the shower. While searching for what clothes to wear i... more
      • Thumbs up - Anonymoose, Sun Sep 16 5:18pm
        Phoenix, your stories are some of the best new ones we’ve had on the board for a while, so thank you for that. Looking forward to seeing how this ends - I love forced masturbation stories (only in... more
        • Return of the Meg - Anonymous, Mon Sep 17 6:07pm
          Honestly i was thinking of dusting Meg off for Halloween. Having her find a new victim or maybe just strike at Vanessa again ;) And thanks for the kind words they are the driving force behind my... more
      • MORE, MORE, MORE! - Hooked6, Sun Sep 16 2:20am
        Excellent writing. Your plot is well composed and quite realistic in today's world. I hope that her experience at the party will be long and quite humiliating - in others words that your protagonist... more
        • More on the way ;) - PhoenixENF, Sun Sep 16 10:26am
          Thank you!! I'm super excited you like it. I'm putting the finishing touches on the next chapter of this story, after that I'm going to work on my Halloween stories. I have so many ideas but so... more
          • Glad to hear it. - Hooked6, Mon Sep 17 1:09am
            I am thrilled that you are working on more humiliation and a possible sequel..Personally, if it helps you plan at all, I would rather see more humiliation for you with you ending up secretly enjoying ... more
      • Re: Phoenix Fall -Chapter One - Anonymous, Sat Sep 15 11:48pm
        So far so great. Love to see you humiliated yourself so bad. Btw real or fantasy?
        • Answers - Anonymous, Sun Sep 16 10:33am
          Thank you! It's been really fun writing about myself. The story is based on a suggestion I got on this board to include myself in one of my ENF stories. It's fantasy, but I try to use some real life... more
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