Friends sister spanked
Sat Nov 3, 2018 11:56pm

So I was hanging out at my friends house when the unimaginable happened. So him and his sister, Sabrina, are twins, and both go to privat schools. Not the same. He goes to an all boys school, and she goes to an all girls. I’ve known them for much longer, since elementary school when they both went to public school. Both of them are very good students, obviously pushed hard and given the resources needed to succeed. Anyways, she came home a little bit later than usual which I guess wasn’t allowed but that wasn’t all. Immediately she started getting yelled at by their mom.

She was yelling stuff about how apparently the school called their house to report that she never arrived to any classes that day. And it wa just so painfully obvious how screwed Sabrina knew she was because she didn’t even have any excuse. She was just saying that she didn’t know anything about it and that it was wild, which was hilarious in itself. She removed her shoes and was trying to just hurry up and get to her room I think but her mom was suddenly wa like, “you smell like weed again.”

I was like, “oooh shit,” but only in my head because obviously I didn’t want to get involved but also I could tell it was about to get real juicy. Sabrina was trying to act like that wasn’t true but I mean it probably was especially since her mom said again meaning that she had been caught before. Sabrina was trying to just walk away from it, but her mom was pissed. She grabbed Sabrina by the arm and pulled her over, making her almost fall down. She sat in a chair, and pulled Sabrina over her lap and flipped her skirt up.

Under her skirt, her pantyhose were really worn down. I know because I was getting the best view possible of it. All around her butt the material had stretched and kinda detoirated, making it easily see through. All I could stare at was her pink panties, and the holes on the inside thighs of the undergarment where her thighs rubbed together. She was kicking and begging her mom to stop but instead her mom kept yelling at her because apparently she’s had been told to throw this pair away and also had been given money specifically to buy a new pair.

It’s hard to blame her mom there I mean those things were pretty trashed. The bottom where her feet were had been totally burned through. A few toes stuck out the end, and there were holes on the heels, and the things were so worn down she may as well have been barefoot. Her mom started accusing her of using the money to buy weed and she got even more pissed because Sabrina couldn’t even rationalize a single thought. Embarrassed, nervous, and probably a little high, she couldn’t even form a full sentence.

Her mom then hooked both her skirt, and pantyhose, and basically ripped them off her. They flew down her legs so quick, they took her underwear halfway down her ass. The skirt and pantyhose were thrown off, leaving Sabrina’s thick thighs and ass totally vulnerable. Her barefeet kicked up and down in frustration but didn’t get her any wear. She begged her mom to stop. Especially since her brother and his friend, aka me, were watching but instead, her mom took her panties and yanked them down to her ankles.

Her pink underwear were stuck at her feet as her bare naked ass was totally exposed, causing Sabrina to scream. Next thing I knew, her mom smacked Sabrina’s ass so hard, it made her stop screaming for a split second, so she could wince in pain. And then she did it again, causing her but to jiggle and instantly turn red. Sabrina begged and cried for her mom to stop, but each slap was somehow worse than the last one.

They sounded like gunshots, it was almost too brutal to watch but I couldn’t look away from it. Pretty soon, Sabrina started violently thrashing, kicking her legs all over the place and shit, desperate for the spankiing to end. Her panties were flung off her leg and across the room from her fit. With each hit, her legs spread a little further apart, and it was to long until I could see her vagina. Her entire ass was beer red already, and it just kept going. Sabrina was in tears from the pain, crying and bellowing to be let free.

But by god it just kept going. I’ve never seen someone be so savagely beaten. Especiallly on their ass. Suddenly her mom let go, and Sabrina fell onto the ground, her butt was dark red, and bruised. Her legs relaxed and her hands immediately began rubbing her butt that was sticking out in the air. Her mom yelled at her to stand up, which she could barely do, but somehow managed. She told her to go throw away the old pantyhose and go to her room. When she remembered that her brother and I were still there watching her, she took her hands off her but and instead used one hand to cover her vagina which had been exposed this whole time.

She pcucked up her pantyhose and threw them away. Her face was red from crying, but not as red as her ass. Then she picked up her skirt, and kinda looked around confused for a second. Her mom yelled at her again to hurry up and go to her room but Sabrina yelled back that she was looking for her underwear. Her mom picked them up, and threw them at her, which by some miracle she caught, and then walked up to her room with. The poor girl must have been beyond humiliated.

    • spanking - alexandra, Mon Nov 19 9:42am
      could you describe sabrina in more detail.......was she shaved? did her brother seem alarmed or upset...anyway if true was quite the show...
    • Re: Friends sister spanked - Anonymous, Mon Nov 19 2:03am
      Great story
    • Nice story :) - Anonymous, Sun Nov 4 10:15am
      Great story I loved it weldone :)
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