The Sparkler Dance (SDS 2018)
Mon Nov 5, 2018 9:04am

So I live in the USA now but I was born and bred in the UK so I always miss this holiday.

The Sparkler Dance

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November…” Oh, I do ...I remember it all too well…

So there I was walking through a dark field on a freezing November night with my cousin Carrie-May. My heart was pounding in my chest, in all my years as a goody-two-shoes I had never do something so rebellious. Lying to my parents, sneaking out to a bonfire party, there would be fireworks, there would be a fire, there would even be underage drinking, and naturally, there would be boys. I fantasised for days about getting my first snog on that night. Of course to Carrie-May this was nothing new and just a regular Saturday night for her.

She had been the one to first suggest it to me, although judging by her expression I don’t think she really planned for me to agree to tag along. We had always been quite close after all we were the same age and lived only one street away. Although we argued a lot as we were so different and hung around with very different groups. She had always teased me for not kissing a boy or being such a geek. So this night I planned to show everyone a different side of me. Unfortunately, I ended up showing them far more of myself than I wanted.

Two hours later and the night hadn’t quite gone as I expected. We all sat around the burning fire, six teenagers in all five girls and only one boy. More boys from the estate were supposed to be turning up with some rockets later that they had pinched from their parents, but they hadn’t appeared yet. The others had necked drink after drink, downing cheap vodka and alcopops like it was, well pop. I sat sulking, and half watched out of the corner of my eye, the girl who I didn't know getting her ass groped while she played a very active game of tonsil tennis with the only boy there Dilan.

I was still nursing my first bottle of Blue VK, I had quickly decided that I didn't like my first taste of alcohol and so far had been mercilessly teased after nearly having a coughing fit after been pressured into taking a shot of their cheap Vodkat vodka earlier. Worse of all, however, was that Carrie-May had shown the group a video of me when I was little that her mum had recently dug out of our old family home movies.

“Hi I’m Amber Green and this is my sparkler dance” I heard my 7-year-old self with missing front teeth lisp again to the roaring laughter of the other sat around the phone screen watching. The video showed me, a skinny girl wearing just a pink T-shirt and white knickers dancing without shame with a sparkler in each hand, my routine was one I had planned meticulously the week before and was similar to a cheer routine. I had the same short curly brown hair and lanky frame as I did now and honestly making it all the funnier for the others. The video showed our extended family surrounded us mostly drunk at the family gathering and cheering and laughing at my silly little girl antics. I have no idea why I was bottomless or why my parents thought it was safe like this, but there I was and years later this stupid event I don’t even remember was coming back to haunt me.

“Come on Amby,” cried Carrie still in hysterics. “do the sparkler dance for us”

Everyone was looking at me now and we did even have some sparklers but there was no way my mostly sober self was going to humiliate myself in front of these five by dancing my childish little dance again.

“No way,” I moaned “can’t we just go home” I was fed up and miserable. Little did I know that when you get five drunk teens together ideas can quickly get out of control.

After a few seconds of whispering, I found myself jumped on by Carrie-May and two of her friends. I screamed in shock and they screamed in laughter and giggles as I was wrestled onto my back. The two lovebirds finally disengaged their airlocks to look over in my direction. “Don’t need no jeans for sparkler dance” was all I heard over the top of the shrieks and laughter as the girls pinned me to the cold grass. I felt my jeans roughly unbuttoned as I tried to fight and before I knew even what was happening they yanked them down my legs.

I screamed trying my best to fight but three girls against little old me, I had no chance. My mind was numb from shock, fear and vodka. Instead of keeping my jeans on my legs at all cost I tried my best to cover up my knickers. I just didn't think they would actually strip them all the way off me. But they did! My little pumps popped right off as they removed my jeans fully leaving me curled up in just my hoodie and newly exposed white panties.

Cheering like a sports fan on a home game win the girls jumped around, Carrie held my jeans up like a trophy spinning them around above her head. They left me on the floor trying to pull my hoodie down to cover up my big white knickers they had just exposed. They were a childish pair I hadn’t planned to show off this night but there I was bottomless and embarrassed.

“Hoodie hoodie hoodie…” the girls chanted as they were now joined by the fourth girl jumping back on me to try and remove this last article of clothing keeping me covered. I had even less chance now with one extra girl and after only just recovered from the original shock of losing my jeans.

To my horror, the boy watched on with an eager smile on his face as the others girls forced the hoodie off me. I was still sat on the floor and one girl stood over me with had my arms held stretched above my head. There was little I could do as they others dragged my hoodie over my body in one quick tug. As you will likely know, when removing a hoodie or jumper your t-shirt underneath as a habit of riding up as well. This was the case for me so as my pale little tummy was exposed so was my underwear in its fullest. I couldn't do anything as the girls whooped and laughed, “Panties!” shouted one of them in a drunken yell as I was totally exposed to them.

One girl pinned me to the floor and the other three gave one last tug so my hoodie flew away from my body. Luckily for the moment, my pink t-shirt had stopped just before exposing my bra, but still, my knickers were totally on show and in front of a boy, nonetheless!

The girls now had a second trophy much to their delight. I was frozen like a deer in headlights. I was half naked in public and didn't know what to possibly do. While they still wrestled with my big pair of white cotton panties was totally on display for them and the boys. The pair was similar to a younger girl might wear complete with a little cute bow at the front.

“Oh my god! She’s wearing the same sparkler dance clothes!” taunted Carrie down at me as I once again tried to cover myself and curled in a ball on the cold grass as the others surrounded me again. It was true, in some horrible coincidence of fate I was wearing a similar pink t-shirt and big embarrassing white knickers as I had been when I was a child in that video.

“Stop it! Please just give me my clothes back! Stop it!” I begged almost crying in shame now.

“Sparkler Dance… Sparkler Dance … Sparkler Dance” The group chanted as I just shook my head back and continued begging them to stop their torment. I stood up one hand pulling my t-shirt down in the front to cover my knickers and tried to make a grab for my jeans but the girls danced away throwing my clothes between them laughing all the while. My whole bottom was exposed as the top barely covered my front while I pulled it down so I had no intention of jumping around like this. It felt so surreal to be half-naked in public, my heart hammered and I was in a total panic.

“Dance! Dance! Dance!” they teased me as they now started pushing me between them stuck in a circle of torment.

“No!” I cried over and over again as they pushed me and continued their taunts. Their chants soon changed to “Panties! Panties! Panties!” as now the girls kept mixing up their pushes with nips, pokes and to my mortification grabbing my arms away or lifting my shirt when I looked vulnerable. The boy didn't join in but watched me closely and kept getting quick flashes as the girls caught me off guard. The only light was from the roaring fire giving the proceedings a horrifying madness as I stumbled around from girl to girl. I even got the odd swat to the bottom causing me to yelp in pain as the girl were in hysterical giggles.

“Strip her!” was all I heard between chants and suddenly all four girls were once again grabbing me. It was like some horrible nightmare their faces briefly illuminated into horrible grins as I span around trying to free myself. All I could smell was the mixing of our cheap perfumes, the smoke from the fire and the vodka on the girls' breath. My arms crossed above my head briefly as I tried to hold on for dear life with my t-shirt now around my neck as the girls tried to tug it off. For the first time, my plain white bra was now exposed barely concealing my perky little boobies. No boy had ever seen my underwear since I was little and now to be forcibly exposed was horrible.

To my shame, a bit of tissue was sticking out of one cup that I had hastily stuffed before coming out on the night's adventure.“She’s a stuffer!” laughed the girl who had been snogging all night as she pulled a handful out of one cup leaving me looking like I had a considerably bigger right tit. Well, I can tell you I did feel a right tit then as my secrets were exposed. The tug of war was briefly postponed at this new revelation as my other bra cup was emptied leaving my lack of size clearly on show now.

“Stop stop stop” I whimpered barely able to get a breath. The girls either couldn't hear me or just didn't care anymore. I felt a hand grab my big panties at the back exposing my pale bottom briefly. I tried to make a grab for them but in my haste lost the battle for my shirt and soon found myself slammed back to the ground as my shirt vanished off my arms and was thrown behind one of the girls. I rolled over onto my front trying to hide my chest from the view of the other girls and on looking boy. My knickers were still exposing the top of my bottom but there was nothing I could do as the girls seized this opportunity to pin me to the floor face down with one girl holding each of my limbs firmly in place so I was stuck good.

The realisation swept over me. I was stipped to just my bra and panties and pinned down so I couldn't even cover my modest as five teenagers taunted me and got a great look at my knicker clad bottom and skinny frame. I had never been so exposed in my life, I rarely even worse a two-piece bikini and here I was exposing my embarrassing childish knickers.

“Wow, she’s so skinny! How funny is this!” laughed one of the girls loudly by my ear. I just put my forehead to the floor and closed my eyes trying to pretend I was anywhere else.

“Well, you don’t need this any way lil stuffer” laughed Carrie sitting on my rump and in one swift motion pinged my bra strap. What had felt like the most mortifying thing in the world a moment ago quickly turned into something else as she worked with the other girls to remove this fully from me one arm at a time. I was unusually tall for my age but skinny like a bean pole and nowhere near as developed as the other girls, just them knowing about my bra size would have been embarrassing but here they were holding it up for inspection.

I blushed bright red as I was no clad in just a pair of knickers exposed for everyone. I couldn't even complain or beg anymore I was beyond mortification. The cool breeze tickled my back sending chills down my spine. I was naked aside from a childish pair of panties and only my position was keeping my nudity from totally been on show.

“Butt Naked!” one girl laughed and without any other debate, Carrie slowly teased my big white panties down over my little bottom. Inch by inch she exposed, this time she went painfully slow and crept them down until my whole pale little bum was on display. I let out a shocked exclamation as she carried on down my legs sending chills through my very naked body. I didn't even have any fight left in me as she slid them off my feet.

“Oh my god, she’s naked!” Cried Carrie jumping up and down with my knickers waving like a flag. There I was butt naked and been ogled by a boy who could see all my naked bottom. I was shaking in shock now as the other girls had gone quiet obviously the realisation of me being butt naked finally sinking in. The still held me to the floor though only my frontal nudity is hidden from view as they all once again burst into gales of laughter.

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        I like thank for your post
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        Outstanding work as always, SDS! Thanks for a great story
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          Always great to hear from a happy reader. Thanks SDS
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