The Sparkler Dance (Part 2)
Mon Nov 5, 2018 9:04am

It felt like an eternity until the girls let me go. “Stand up! Stand up! stand up!” laughed Carrie in a joyous giggle. Still shaking I stood up not knowing what else to do, they could easily overpower me again and this time show off my frontal nudity. I had one hand doing it’s best to cover both my little perky tits and the other cupping my most private area. My eyes fell to the floor I couldn't even look at the taunting teens.

Carrie threw two sparklers at my feet. “Sparkler dance!” she shouted to the woops of the others. I was snivelling now, on the edge of tears. I could only shake my head mumbling more begging words for them to stop.

“Look here!” continued my cousin. I glanced up and watched her throw my bra into the fire. “Ready to dance yet?” she asked me again. I was speechless as I watched my garment go up in flames. My lack of answer got a cheer from the group as my knickers quickly followed them into the bonfire. My heart hammered and a whole new fear gripped me. What if they burned all my clothes leaving me naked for either when the other boys arrived or for me to run home butt naked. I watched the knickers quickly catch fire too and thought I didn't really care as I would have never worn them again as a reminder of tonight anyway.

“Come on, dance Amby dance” She laughed as she balled up my hoodie ready to throw that in as well. I screamed for her to stop as she launched my lovely jacket into the fire. “You don’t want to be naked all night do you?” she laughed balling up my last two items of clothing. “Just one dance” she slurred grinning.

What happened next felt like an out of body experience, I bent down and uncovered myself to pick up the two sparklers. Everyone was silent now, the only noise was the crackling of the fire. Everyone's eyes were wide as they ran over my little perky boobies, my nipples were erect from the cold and exposure. Almost as a group their eyes quickly dropped to my special place, I had a small neat bush that matched my dark brown hair and I kept my legs squeezed together trying to preserve any inch of modesty I could.

I stepped quickly to the fire, fully illuminated now my nudity visible to everyone in the group. “Don’t forget your intro” giggled Carrie the first word spoken by anyone since I exposed myself. The sparklers caught light quickly and I turned back to the group, my brain was in total meltdown, I was in full disbelief of what my body was doing.

“Hello... I’m ...I’m Amber Green and this is my sparkler dance” I stuttered out before going into my routine. Adrenaline pumped through me and somehow the long-forgotten dance came back to me. There I was butt naked and performing a dance routine with two sparking sparklers. Butt naked in front of five teens that I would see almost every day for years to come. The firelight caught my nudity beautifully as I danced. My little boobies bouncing and my tight bottom shook as I went through the routine spinning and stretching as I went. They were all open-mouthed silently starting as I finished up with my arms stretched up in the air, my already small boobs practically flat from the action. As if on cue, rockets from the village exploded overhead finishing my performance as I held that position more exposed that I had ever been in my life.

Reality quickly kicked back in and I burst into sobbing tears, the others exploded into claps and cheers but all I could now think about was the mortification. Carrie came over after I don’t know how long and pulled my hoodie over me hiding my nudity from the group. She hugged me tight telling me it was wonderful. She was drunk, she couldn't comprehend the shame I had just gone through.


Happy Bonfire Night



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  • The Sparkler Dance (SDS 2018) - SDS, Mon Nov 5 9:04am
    So I live in the USA now but I was born and bred in the UK so I always miss this holiday. The Sparkler Dance “Remember, remember, the fifth of November…” Oh, I do ...I remember it all too well… So... more
    • The Sparkler Dance (Part 2) - SDS, Mon Nov 5 9:04am
      • sparkler dance” - Dave, Thu Nov 8 11:39pm
        I like thank for your post
      • Fun read - Hooked6, Tue Nov 6 3:07pm
        By the way seeing a new story from you reminded me of your story "Summer Humiliation - Naked on the beach" - any chance you have or will be adding more chapters to the marvelous story?
        • Re: Fun read - SDS, Wed Nov 7 11:36am
          Thanks as always Hooked, hearing nice things about my work makes me want to write more! (If only I had the time :( ) Yea the summer story and plenty of other I'll finish at some point... Some like... more
      • Outstanding! - okayterrific, Tue Nov 6 2:17pm
        Outstanding work as always, SDS! Thanks for a great story
        • Re: Outstanding! - SDS, Wed Nov 7 11:38am
          Always great to hear from a happy reader. Thanks SDS
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