Thanksgiving Story Contest!
Mon Nov 5, 2018 12:22pm

Hello all,

Stealing the idea from Princess Alice last year, I thought Iíd try hosting a Thanksgiving Story Contest this November. Iíve always enjoyed holiday-themed stories, and Thanksgiving is one thatís definitely overlooked between Halloween and Christmas.

Though Iíve enjoyed some previous contests with story categories/options, I donít want to constrict anyone to a specific kind of story for this one. Iíll leave Thanksgiving as the only real ďrequirementĒ for the story, and let all of you come up with your own story topics/ideas.


Stories must be submitted by December 1st


30% - Creativity
30% - Pacing
30% - Characters
10% - Grammar/Spelling/Format/etc.


Bragging writes, I suppose! I think Iím a little too unknown on here to offer up stories like some other hosts have done in the past.

Good luck, happy writing, and I hope that this contest will still add lots of new stories to the site!


    • Don't be nervous - Executionus, Tue Nov 6 7:54pm
      Just being unknown is no reason to bow out of offering story rewards, if writing a custom story is something you would enjoy. You can always rig up a guideline you like and let the winner choose from ... more
      • Re: Don't be nervous - Faith, Fri Nov 9 7:17am
        You make a good point - after all, more stories is kind of the point of contests like this! The idea of letting the winner choose the story is a little bit daunting to me, since I don't know if I... more
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