Fun read
Tue Nov 6, 2018 3:07pm

By the way seeing a new story from you reminded me of your story "Summer Humiliation - Naked on the beach" - any chance you have or will be adding more chapters to the marvelous story?

  • The Sparkler Dance (Part 2) - SDS, Mon Nov 5 9:04am
    It felt like an eternity until the girls let me go. “Stand up! Stand up! stand up!” laughed Carrie in a joyous giggle. Still shaking I stood up not knowing what else to do, they could easily... more
    • Fun read - Hooked6, Tue Nov 6 3:07pm
      • Re: Fun read - SDS, Wed Nov 7 11:36am
        Thanks as always Hooked, hearing nice things about my work makes me want to write more! (If only I had the time :( ) Yea the summer story and plenty of other I'll finish at some point... Some like... more
    • Outstanding! - okayterrific, Tue Nov 6 2:17pm
      Outstanding work as always, SDS! Thanks for a great story
      • Re: Outstanding! - SDS, Wed Nov 7 11:38am
        Always great to hear from a happy reader. Thanks SDS
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