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Brooke stared at her phone in disbelief. Staring back at her was an invitation to the seniors' cheerleader party! Every year, the senior cheerleaders held a party toward the end of the school year to celebrate their graduation. Close friends of the seniors were often invited, but generally an invitation was considered highly exclusive. For a high school setting, if you were invited, you were "in" until graduation. So Brooke couldn't quite process that–especially as a junior–she had been invited to the party. She may have been 18, but she had been held back a year because of illness.

She continued to read the text message and it only got stranger. It was sent by Katie, the cheer captain, for one thing. Brooke had no idea how Katie got her number, but it was high school, so things like that spread easily. Brooke's biggest issue was that the invite said to bring a change of clothes and not wear a thong.

"Why would they care if I wear a thong? I mean, I don't own any, but it's still strange. I wonder if they had some sort of strange mishap with them at a previous party and it's just a rule now," Brooke said.

Regardless, Brooke knew she had to get ready soon. The address given for the party wasn't far from her own home, but the party started in about 3 hours. Brooke hoped it was enough time to get all of her stuff together. She had to put on makeup and still decide on an outfit to wear. Without wanting to waste more time, she quickly got to work at choosing an outfit.


Brooke didn't take long to figure out what to wear. She chose a thin, loose-fitting black top that hung just below her C cup breasts. The top left her midriff entirely exposed, which Brooke preferred as she liked to show off her flat stomach and navel piercing.

Under that was a lacy sky blue push up bra to give Brooke some impressive cleavage. The young woman was glad to have a chance to wear the push up bra, as she normally wouldn't wear it at school. She was concerned that having her ample cleavage on display would get her in trouble with the teachers.

Moving onto bottoms, Brooke decided to wear a pair of pink leggings that were sheer on the calves. Under those, she wore seamless, cotton bikini panties that matched her bra in color. Lace adorned the waistband and a white bow sat on the front. The panties and leggings complimented her well-endowed butt nicely, and she gave it a small slap just to watch it bounce.

After a small giggle, she moved onto her makeup. She filled in her normally blonde eyebrows to make them stand out more, put on a light pink lip gloss, and finished with black eye shadow and eyeliner. The dark eye makeup created an appealing contrast with her blue eyes and wavy blonde hair.

Once Brooke finished, she noticed that the party was going to start in an hour. Her spare set of clothes consisted of a white tanktop, black leggings, and a pair of pink and black striped boyshorts. She decided to only bring the bra she was wearing, figuring she wouldn't need to swap that out. With all of her belongings ready, Brooke eagerly made her way to the party.


Brooke nervously knocked on the door of the house. It was well-lit and nice, in a sort of cookie cutter way. An annoyed Katie opened the door and eyed the gorgeous blonde in front of her. She smiled for a moment before waving her inside.

"Come on in, the party will start soon. Most everyone is here already," Katie said, making room for Brooke to walk into the home.

"I, uh, like the home, Katie. Is it yours?" Brooke asked, suddenly feeling awkward and out of place. Brooke had never been to a party before. Despite her exceptional looks, her popularity didn't match it. She didn't have the mean attitude or the natural charisma to draw people to her, for better or worse.

Katie laughed a bit. "Yes, it is my place. My wonderful home, and soon to be your hell. Come on out, girls!"

"Wha-" Brooke began to ask a question, but grabbed by three girls she recognized as cheerleaders. The strongest one held Brooke's hands behind her back as she struggled. To stop Brooke from fighting back, the girl holding her hands used her legs to spread Brooke's legs. One of the other girls brought her knee up against Brooke's crotch. Brooke screamed as her pussy was attacked. Her leggings and thin underwear did nothing to protect her vulnerable womanhood.

Katie grabbed a handful of Brooke's lovely hair and forced the now-crying girl to look at her. "Stay the ... still, bitch. I swear to God, this will only get worse for you if you don't."

"What did I do...?" was all Brooke could ask through her sobs. Katie simply shook her head in response. She grabbed duct tape to bind Brooke's hands behind her back, freeing up the strong cheerleader.

The strong cheerleader and the one that kneed Brooke in her crotch both smiled at each other before shoving their hands down the girl's pink leggings. The strong one yanked up fiercely with two handfuls of soft, sky blue cotton. Brooke squealed as the panties rocketed up her ass and tightened against her throbbing vagina. Her instinct was to shoot her hands down to her nether regions to try and alleviate the pain, but the duct tape wouldn't budge.

To add onto the physical pain, she saw at least two dozen other students come out from other rooms. Most of them were seniors, but Brooke saw a few juniors, some were even her classmates. She winced and blushed furiously that everyone could see both her panties and the wedgie. No one had ever seen her in her underwear before, not even when she changed for gym class, so this was especially mortifying.

The appearance of the other students distracted Brooke enough that she forgot about the other cheerleader with her hands down the front of her leggings. That cheerleader whistled and Brooke saw what she intended to do in her eyes.

"Please, don't pull from the front! Anything but that, please, I'll do any-" Brooke's begging was cut off as sky blue exploded from the front of her leggings. Brooke screamed in pain as her panties invaded the vagina they were supposed to help protect. Her hairless lips were split and a cameltoe was forming in the leggings. The cheerleader got Brooke's panties up to her boobs before the wedgied girl began crying again.

"It hurts! Let me go, dammit! It hurts, it hurts, it HURTS!" she kept screaming. Katie was starting to get a headache from this, so she took matters into her own hands. Once again, she grabbed a handful of Brooke's hair, but instead of giving her a command, she gave a swift punch to Brooke's beautiful face. It wasn't enough to cause any visible damage aside from some redness, but it stunned the blonde into silence. Having learned her lesson, Brooke merely whimpered instead of screamed.

"Okay, everyone! Our star is here! As a girl, I think I know the best way to humiliate this bitch. She was actually dumb enough to think we'd invite her to this party, so why not make her time and ours worthwhile? What do you say?" Katie asked the group of students who had begun to take pictures and videos of Brooke's predicament. They all responded with loud cheers and clapping. Katie nodded in approval and told the cheerleaders to go ahead.

The cheerleader from the front loosened her grip on Brooke's panties, but the strong one pulled higher in the back. Soon after, the one in the back gave some slack and the front cheerleader pulled again. Brooke whimpered again as her pussy was invaded by cotton, remembering what happened the last time she screamed.

This pattern repeated itself slowly. One girl would give slack on their side of the panties, and the other one would pull harshly. Brooke whimpered more when the front of her panties were pulled. The crowd cheered every time a cheerleader reached the maximum height they could pull the underwear.

Soon, the pace increased. This is where Brooke began to break down. Her whimpers began to mix with moans that she tried to keep in. Her pussy was on fire from the friction, but the soft cotton was grazing her sensitive lips and clit. The stroking was bringing an unfamiliar sensation to the girl, but all she knew was that it felt good. Still, she tried her best to prevent anyone from realizing that she was sort of liking it.

Even with Brooke's efforts, the cheerleaders knew what she was feeling. They continued to gradually pick up their pace, and Brooke's breathing increased as well. Her eyes started twitching slightly and her face became more flushed. Under her bra, her nipples were rock hard and erect from arousal. Each pull seemed to increase Brooke's reactions.

Still unfamiliar with what was happening to her, Brooke tried to fight it. She could feel something rising, trying to break past a wall inside of her body. Brooke was doing her best to keep that wall up, but she knew it wasn't going to hold. Her chest was heaving and she finally began moaning out loud. The students all began to laugh once they heard the moans. This humiliation was the last bit that broke the poor girl.

Brooke's moans became more guttural and loud as her body began to shake. The floodgates opened and she squirted in her panties and leggings. The panties were so deep inside of her pussy that they did nothing to stop the gushing. A massive wet spot appeared on the front of her pink leggings, and the crowd cheered and whistled. They took pictures and recorded as the trembling girl in front of them came and ruined her clothes.

Brooke didn't even care in that moment. It hit her that this was an orgasm, and she was walking on air with her first. She didn't care that she was being recorded, she didn't care that she got off from her panties being yanked up her womanhood, and she didn't care that she was being humiliated. The only thing Brooke cared about in this moment was savoring this amazing feeling. The wetness of her own juices pumping through her panties and down her leggings. The cheerleaders seemed to oblige her and they kept pulling back and forth. The panties glided with ease through her ass and pussy, growing more wet and lubricated with each go.

With one last moan, Brooke's legs gave out. She fell, but her panties kept her suspended. Her consciousness was barely hanging on. She was so lightheaded, she couldn't even process that her ass and pussy had been split even more painfully. All that mattered was the orgasm.

The cheerleaders let go of the panties, and Brooke fell to her knees. She looked at her soaked crotch and panties hanging out of her leggings. Her mind told her to pull her panties out of her ass and pussy, but her body couldn't follow. She just stared at where she made a mess.

The strong cheerleader pushed Brooke to the ground with her foot, causing the blonde to land on her breasts. The thick bra prevented any pain, but Brooke's full boobs squished beneath her body. The strong one then ripped the skimpy top off, and then Brooke's bra soon followed. The only thing keeping her boobs covered was the cold floor.

The leggings were next. They were pulled down and handed to a girl in the audience who took a long sniff on the wet patch. Then Brooke's panties were removed. Still too lightheaded to react, she just let it happen. The panties were slowly peeled from her ass and pussy, strings of her cum breaking away as the panties were pulled further down.

Unlike the leggings, the panties were stuffed into Brooke's mouth and duct taped in. Brooke tasted her cum and whimpered. Tears began to flow as her rational thinking came back to her. The humiliation and shame of having her first orgasm in front of her peers set in, and she began to sob.

Without letting Brooke sob for long, Katie grabbed the spare pair of panties that Brooke brought with her. She slid the boyshorts up the blonde's body before letting them rest. They naturally rode up a little bit and left some of Brooke's buttcheeks hanging out.

"Okay, everyone! That's act 1 down! Half of you get ready to call, text, or do something that makes her phone vibrate," Katie said, grabbing Brooke's phone.

"Mmmmph!" Brooke screamed into her cummed on panties, but was ultimately unable to do anything.

After being forced to stand up, to her surprise, Katie dropped Brooke's cellphone down the front of her boyshorts. Brooke shivered as the cool device met her wet, shaved genitals. Her shaking body made her boobs shake and sway, much to the pleasure of the people watching.

Katie grabbed the back of Brooke's boyshorts and began to bounce the girl. Pained yelps were muffled by the panties as her ass was attacked by panties once again. The cold phone was forced more and more against her pussy, causing even more discomfort.

Suddenly, the phone began to vibrate. The students began calling and texting the phone constantly, making the device go crazy against its owner's privates. Brooke screamed into her gag as the vibrations against her clit sent shivers up her spine. The wedgie pulled the phone perfectly against her pussy, making her lips and clit get the full force of the phone's vibrating.

Brooke began to moan behind the panty-gag, not even unwilling this time. Her body shook and she babbled as she got closer. The feeling of the soft boyshorts in her ass, the phone, and the feeling of everyone watching was too much. Eyes ogling her beautiful, bare boobs, the recordings of her first ever orgasm, and knowing what was coming next was too much for the girl.

She came once again with a scream, squirting all over her phone and through her boyshorts. The front of the cute panties were quickly drenched as Brooke came all over the floor. The vibrations didn't stop, causing the orgasm to last longer. It was so intense that Brooke was only held up by the wedgie Katie was giving her.

After 3 minutes of being forced to cum, the vibrations finally stopped. Brooke's rapid gushing ruined her phone. Her juices dripped into a puddle on the floor, panties unable to hold back the physical manifestation of her humiliating climax.

Katie moved Brooke back a few steps then let go of the wedgie. She grabbed Brooke's head and threw her face-first into the puddle of cum she created. All Brooke could feel was wetness. Her hot cum all over her beautiful face, the still wet panties in her mouth, and the drenched boyshorts still on her body. Katie removed the soaked phone and rubbed it all over Brooke's face. Her hot juices soon covered all of her beautiful face.

Brooke's mind was finally unable to handle it all. She passed out as everyone cheered and her head landed with a splash in the puddle. What was supposed to be the party of her life turned into an exhibition for her most intimate moments. Her humiliation was complete, and Brooke's high school misery began

    • CREDIT - Anonymous, Fri Nov 9 2:48pm
      I found the original story here: https://www.deviantart.com/gurrdin/art/Brooke-s-Humiliating-Party-Wedgie-714168879 But please give proper credit. Just saying you found it on DeviantArt or Tumblr or... more
    • Would be nice if . . . - Reader, Fri Nov 9 2:33pm
      Would be nice if you are going to rip-off another writer's hard work to at least give the original author CREDIT by posting his/her name under the title of the story (which you also failed to... more
      • Re: Would be nice if . . . - Anonymous, Fri Nov 9 11:22pm
        youre a ...ing loser lmaoo
        • Chill - Anonymous, Mon Nov 12 7:25am
          I mean, they did preface by saying they found it, indicating that they didn’t write it. Maybe they just couldn’t find the OG author’s name
          • BS - Anonymous, Mon Nov 12 9:05am
            If they know it comes from Deviantart then they definitely know the original source. And the fact I could find it in literally a minute, I don't buy they couldn't find the original source. Sure it's... more
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