Maid Service : Part One
Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:38pm

Long time no see!

I got a little busy with life and was unable to write anything. But I found some free time today and was able to throw this story together. Hopefully, you like it. And since it's been a bit, if you have interest in my other stories, check out my tumblr,



I can’t stand my job. Not the job itself, but the actual working of it. It drives me bonkers. You see I work for a company that is outsourced by other companies to sell their product to potential investors. Typically we invite around 50 people from around the companies hometown, and we give an hour-long presentation selling the product. Simple enough. What annoys me is that I’m obviously the best saleswoman of our team. My numbers always eclipse everyone else. But for some reason, Jared Yoke is always considered the best salesman on the team. I’ve always played second fiddle. On every paper that lists the salesmen, it goes Jared as number one, and then Lindsey Walker as number two. It makes no sense. But I finally had a plan to get back at Jared and humiliate him enough to get him out of my spotlight.

Last week, our boss told us we have a major presentation in Indiana coming up. It was double our normal numbers. We rented the Marriott Ballroom and were planning on inviting over 150 people. Obviously, our boss gave the presentation to Jared. But I was able to convince our boss to let me tag along to assist in the presentation, after all, it was one of the biggest jobs we’ve ever had. So Jared and I flew into Indiana and checked into the Marriott Ballroom. The presentation was going to begin the next morning, and our company got us two separate bedrooms to sleep in for the night.

Just as I had hoped, our rooms were connected. You know how they will put two rooms next to each other with a door separating them? They did that with our rooms. We checked in and headed towards our rooms.

“You have any plans for tonight?” I asked Jared.

“Hell yeah,” Jared responded in a cocky way. “I have a huge networking dinner I’m going to tonight. Gonna get some tight connections.”

“That sounds so much fun.” I lied. “But can you keep the connecting door unlocked? I want to compare notes on the presentation that way I can prepare better.”

Jared chuckled.

“Yeah. You’ll need it.”

Jared eventually left his room for his dinner and left the connecting door unlocked. This was when I struck. I entered Jared’s room and made a B-Line to the bathroom. I started working at the shower and eventually was able to remove the shower valve making it so you couldn’t turn it on. Then I waited.

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      the website literally has TEEN in the name, i swtg go back to deviantart
    • Re: Maid Service : Part One - Anonymous, Sun Nov 11 12:58am
      Missed you dearly. Love your content. Please return!!!
    • Maid Service : Part Two - Mandraek, Sat Nov 10 2:38pm
      Jared eventually returned back to the hotel. Not only was he a little drunk, but he was also sweaty. Jared is a little bit of a thick guy. Not fat, but not thin either. Chunky is a word I would use... more
      • Maid Service : Part Three - Mandraek, Sat Nov 10 2:39pm
        I waited patiently for Jared to finish his shower. Eventually, the shower turned off and Jared, with the towel wrapped around his waist, walked out. It was clear that Jared sobered up in the shower... more
        • Maid Service : Part Four - Mandraek, Sat Nov 10 2:39pm
          Jared looked to me in disgust as to what I was suggesting. He stood next to me, whom he thought was his inferior, wearing nothing but a towel and I had just suggested he go to the lobby wearing only... more
          • Maid Service : Part Five - Mandraek, Sat Nov 10 2:40pm
            Jared’s eyebrows rose greatly. As did mine, honestly this wasn’t part of the plan, but Jared was stupid enough to make the front desk girl angry when she was the only person that could honestly help... more
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