Busty the Snowman (Part 1)
Sun Dec 2, 2018 12:33pm


Liz was your average high schools senior with a not so average bust size.
18 years old and sporting a gravity defying, sweater stretching, set of D cup breast.
The young girl could not wait for winter when she could start dressing in layers to better conceal her endowments.

While most girls would love to be the subject of admiration from the boys at school.
Liz was very much the opposite and embarrassed by her enormous boobs.
She was more of a keep to herself, and wear a hoodie type girl.
But since her growth last summer, not even hoodies could hide what she was packing.

On a chilly day in early December, school was called off on a count of snow.
Liz was excited to just stay home and listen to her music.
Unfortunately Liz's mother had other plans, and instead sent Liz off to the store for goods.

Liz bundled up! wearing not only a hoodie but then a jacket on top of that hoodie.
Snow pants, boots, a scarf, and a beanie completed her ensemble.

In all honesty it was a little much, because although there was snow everywhere.
That day was actually sunny outside with the temperature being crispy cold at best

Just like that Liz walked out to face the mildly inconvenient weather.
With headphones firmly in place she took a route to the store,
that led her directly through the public park.

Never looking up to acknowledge anyone she marched through the ankle high fresh powder until...


From seemingly nowhere Liz was blindsided by a snowball.
She raised her head and pulled out her headphones to see what had just happened.
And was met by 3 boys, all younger than her, clearly freshmen at her high school.

"Hey watch it!"
the lead boy scoffed
"you almost ran into our snowman" he went on to add.

Liz looked forward to see what the boy was talking about, and saw a 5 foot tall pile of snow.
"I-I'm sorry" Liz managed to meekly squeak out.
She then tried to walk away in another direction before being stopped again.
This time the lead boy stepped right in front of her blocking her path.

"You're Liz right?, that senior girl with the huge tits" the young man proclaimed.

Liz blushed deeply hearing the boy refer to her that way.

The lead boy looked Liz up and down than began to speak.
"Well Liz, my name is Mike and these are my friends"
"We are here trying to build a snowman but can't get the figure right"
"Maybe you can help us?" Mike grinned.

Liz didn't like the sound of any of that and responded with.
"No, i'm sorry i have to go"
And Liz made another attempt at walking away.
This time however her arms were grabbed by the 2 other boys.

Mike raised his voice.

Mike calmed his voice and added.
"So, you can lend it to us, or we can take it."

The other two boys released Liz's arms but stood guard next to her insuring no escape.
Bewildered the young girl looked around but the nearest person was more than a shout for help away.

"What do want?" Liz asked.

Mike responded,
"Everything but your underwear"
"Take it all off for us to use on our snowman, we take a picture of the snowman then we give them back."
"or" her began to threaten
"we strip you butt naked and run off with your clothes"

With no help in sight and clearly unable to outrun or fight the boys, Liz had few options.
She most definitely didn't want to be left nude out here in the park.
But the thought of stripping to her bra and panties for these freshman made her feel sick.
Her only idea was to go along with it, and hope someone rescued her before loosing all her modesty.

Liz reached to the top of her head and yanked her beanie off, releasing her jet black wavy hair.
At only shoulder length her black hair was in complete contrast to her porcelain white skin.

One of the boys to her side reached in and snagged the beanie from her grasp,
as to let her continue stripping with use of both her hands.

Next button by button Liz opened her heavy jacket,
then proceeded to let it slide off her shoulders and arms falling to the snow behind her.
Again a boy stepped in and picked the jacket up off the ground swiftly.
securing it in his arms away from Liz's reach.

Worried, the senior girl looked around again hoping to garner the attention of a passer by.
No luck befell her and again it became painfully obvious she would have to continue stripping.
Her attention then turned to Mike who had hungry eyes just staring at the older girl's chest.

With a deep sigh and a knot in her throat Liz reached down and grabbed the waist of her hoodie.
Lifting it up and over her head, she got caught up for a few seconds.
Giving the boys their first glimpse at her enormous breast now only concealed by a t-shirt and bra.

Struggling a few more seconds to get the hoodie off her head and arms,
Liz's t-shirt lifted up at her waist.
Also allowing the freshmen to see her flat but soft tummy.

At last the hoodie was off and handed over to Mike.
Who secretly was enjoying the Victoria Secrets aroma the article of clothing was dispelling.

Liz was now at a crossroads, more nervous than ever.
Which would she remove first?
Her shirt, or her snow pants?
Either would cross the line of no return and give these young men a sight not even her parents had seen in years.
Her underwear clad body.

Remembering Mike's threat Liz stared at his lust filled eyes
and knew a few moments in her underwear would be better than running home naked.
Yet the utter embarrassment of her breast made the choice for the young girl simpler.

She unzipped the zipper on her snow pants, then unclasped the button.
Then with her thumbs dug into the sides of the pants and her hips,
she began to wiggle the bulky pants off.
Liz bent forward and shimmied them bast her knees
allowing her large pair of breast to dangle and sway beneath her.
She then stood back up, and stepped out of the pants completely.

The pants were recovered by the boys and they took a step back to admire
the sight of the now panty clad beauty.
Liz's legs and thighs were also soft, and looked tempting to squeeze.
Creamy and pale like the rest of her,
she was almost as white as snow if not for the hints of pink and red from both the cold and humiliation.

From the waist down all that covered her was a pair of generic pink cotton panties and slim ankle high boots.
Those pantie's pink color popped against her milky white thighs, and revealed just the slightest hint of camel toe.
Leaving the boys speechless and sporting erections beneath their own pants.

Finally it was time, Liz knew she could delay no longer.
She had to show more of her breast to these 3 hooligans than anyone else had ever seen.
The objects of much of her embarrassment would be seen in only her bra.

She crossed her arms and reached down to lift her shirt, holding back tears of humiliation.
She peeled the shirt up slowly buying all the time she could,
until at last it was at her neck.
With her arms up in that position her boobs lifted up almost spilling out of her matching pink bra.
And once her shirt came up and off, she threw it at Mikes feet and assumed the classic ENF position.

One hand over her panties, fingers dug between her thighs.
Legs drawn tightly together, with her boot clad feet pointing inward.
And although she had thrown her free arm over the top of her chest.
It did little to conceal just how big her firm young D cups looked.

"ARMS AT YOUR SIDES" demanded Mike.

Liz could hold it no more the first tear ran down her cold pink cheek,
with the knowledge that she was now completely at the mercy of these 3 pervy freshmen.
And she instead now looked out past them not in search of help but in fear of furthering the amount of eyes upon her.

She lowered her arms to her sides giving the boys an unobstructed view of her underwear clad body.
And what a view it was, even with her arms down.
Her boobs looked as though they wanted to spill up and over her bra line.

"P-please" she pleaded "just h-hurry up and make your s-snowman"

Now shivering from the cold breeze hitting every inch of her exposed skin.
The top of her breast jiggling above the bra from her fidgeting.

And Mike and the boys drank in every part of her young nubile body
with their thirsty eyes.
Until Mike bit his lower lip and with menacing eyes said.

"Change of plans Busty"
referring to Liz.
"Looks like today you will be our snowman, err woman"

A chill shot up Liz's spine!
Her eyes widened, her mouth gaped open.
And the tears that had ran down her face and off of her chin
were joined by a few more as uncertainty and hopelessness kicked in.


Comments please :)
what did you like?
what would you like to see in part 2?

Part 2 tomorrow!
i literally write these as i go along :P

    • Re: Busty the Snowman (Part 1) - Anonymous, Wed Dec 12 11:46am
      Kommt Part 3 noch?
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      • eye-popping! - sinfulstories, Tue Dec 4 2:06pm
        This really is an amazing vision to contemplate. On the edge of my seat for Part Three. Cheers! :)
      • Re: Busty the Snowman (Part 2) - Faith, Tue Dec 4 11:26am
        Alternatively to the other ideas, once Heather makes Liz's life worse, the group of four could go on their way. Then the original boys could tell Liz that she moved before her 30 minutes were up... more
      • Re: Busty the Snowman (Part 2) - Anonymous, Tue Dec 4 12:51am
        I would go different path have no one else except heather realise she is real. Then have heather remain and torment her. While healther friends go off to smoke. She then can make her time worse.... more
      • Re: Busty the Snowman part 2 - Anonymous, Mon Dec 3 10:18pm
        I love that you used my idea that i suggested. You did a great job on the second part! How about next, after he licks her nipples and finds shes real, her rival gets excited and she moves in and... more
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    • Re: Busty the Snowman (Part 1) - XP, Sun Dec 2 2:39pm
      Really good, can't wait for part 2.
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