Country Girl ENF
Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:46am

Charlotte was a slim athletic twenty year old with blazing red shoulder length hair and a soft pale complexion, she lived on the outskirts of a busy town in a small village on the edge of the countryside. By all definition she was a country girl, unlike other girls her age Charlotte's idea of a good time out was roaming and exploring the countryside where other girls her age preferred hanging round local bars and going into town shopping.

For many months Charlotte had this fantasy, she imagined how exiting it would be to be seen, to be caught naked in public. She loved the idea of stripping off her cloths and doing a streak where anyone could come along and catch her. The idea of been separated from her cloths terrified her yet at the same time she was also turned on by the idea of doing a public such a thing.

One day after much thinking and planning she decided to give it a go but she didn’t want to do anything big just yet. Her plan was simple, walk around two miles from where she lived to this quiet back country lane that passed through a small wood surrounded by a dry stone wall. When she got to the woods she planned climb over the wall and find a secluded spot in where she could strip off. She would then run back to wall climb over and stand in the road before heading back to get dressed.

After what seemed like forever she arrived at the woods, looking around she ran and climbed over the wall and made her way into the trees and bushes and found a quiet spot.
“Am I really going to do this” she thought as she looked nervously around, slowly but surely she grasped the bottom of her t-shirt and began slowly raising it over her head. As she removed her shirt she kicked off her trainers and looked around again nervously as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her leggings and slowly slid them down her pale legs removing her socks as she stepped out of each leg hole. Charlotte's heart now racing she looked around again as she reached behind her back an unclasped her bra, with a shrug of the shoulders the garment slowly slipped down and fell to the ground. Now naked except for her panties she looked around one last time as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of the last item of clothing she had on. With a deep breath she pushed down and quickly stepped out of her underwear as they gathered round her ankles.

Standing in the wood totally naked was certainly a rush, Charlotte was now half way through her plan. She looked down at her pale toned body, defined abbs, neatly shaved vagina, small perky breasts with small pink nipples. “Am I really going to do this” she thought looking at the pile of clothing she had just removed. “I have come this far” she muttered to herself as she turned to face the direction she had just come. Slowly she pushed her way back through the bushes towards the wall and the road, feeling the ground under her bare feet gave Charlotte a rush of excitement reminding her how vulnerable she was. Eventually she was stood at the wall looking at the road, the wall was very small, standing behind it only covered her lower half from been seen by anyone passing.
Just as she was about to climb over she froze, from one direction she could hear a car coming from the other footsteps! Quickly Charlotte ducked down behind the wall waiting for the car and the person to pass.

The footsteps grew louder and louder as did the sound of the approaching car engine, to Charlotte's horror she heard the car stop right next to where she was hiding.
“Hi Carol, how are you?” asked a friendly woman’s voice
“I’m good Amber, how are you?”
“Good, good” replied Amber “I have been meaning to pop round for a catch up” she continued. Charlotte was now terrified, she was naked in public and two women were just a few feet away having a conversation in the road!

All of a sudden Charlotte was hit in the back by something, looking around she spotted a takeaway cup on the ground next to her. Her heart skipped a beat as she held her breath praying the two women would shut up and move on.
“Amber!” shouted Carol “Come on don’t be a litter bug”
Charlotte's eyes widened as he heard footsteps approaching. Praying not to be discovered she looked up only to find a blond woman in her forties peering over the wall at her!

The older woman laughed “Oh my god, there is a naked girl hear!”
“Seriously?” replied Amber in shock
“Seriously” she called back to her friend “Stand up honey let’s have a look at you” Carol said looking down on Charlotte.
Reluctantly Charlotte stood up covering her self with her hands, as she did she finally could see who the voices belonged to. Amber was sitting in a white mini she was also an older woman looking to be in her forties wearing a grey business style suit and long brown hair tied back into a ponytail, Carol on the other hand had shoulder length hair scraped back with a bandanna and was dressed in shorts and t-shirt Charlotte assumed she had been out for a run just by looking at her outfit.

“Come sit in the back of my car honey” Called Amber and for some unknown reason Charlotte complied moving her hands to climb over the wall flashing her most private parts. Once on the other side she covered herself with her hands again and looked around.
“You’re ok honey it’s just us” Carol smiled reassuring the nude twenty year old as she quickly stepped across the road and jumped into the back of the mini. Carol joined the girls climbing into the front passenger seat.
Both women looked back at Charlotte confused. “So why are you naked by the road sweetie?” asked Amber. Charlotte could tell both women seemed worried by the fact this young girl was naked in public so quietly explained what she was doing. Both women looked at each other and laughed. “So where are your clothes?” asked Carol
“Just over the wall in the bushes” Charlotte replied her face burning red as she sat legs crossed with a hand over each boob. “How far were you planning on going?” asked Amber
“Just hear to the road then back” Charlotte was starting to feel awkward sitting nude in a stranger’s car been asked questions. “Shouldn’t you go further if you want the rush of streaking?” asked Amber. Nervously Charlotte replied “Its my first time doing this, I just wanted to see if I could do it”
“I think we should at least help you out” smiled Carol
“Agreed” Amber replied smiling at Carol. Charlotte closed her eyes and took a deep breath of relief expecting to hear one of the women get out to go get her cloths for her but to her horror she heard the click of a seat belt. Charlotte opened her eyes to see Carol adjusting her seat belt as the car started to role forward.
“Oh my god” exclaimed Charlotte “What are you doing?” she cried out as the car picked up speed heading further down the narrow country lane.
“You wanted to try streaking, its not a proper streak if you don’t go a distance and out of your comfort zone. Seat belt” said Carol. Charlotte quickly buckled up.
“Please no! take me back to my cloths I don’t want to do this” Charlotte pleaded as Amber pulled up at the top of another small village four miles from where Charlotte had left her clothes.
“There you go” smile amber looking back into the rear of the mini at the very naked Charlotte. “Enjoy your streak back to your clothes, a few more people might actually see you now too if you are lucky” Amber said with an evil smile across her face.
“Please don’t kick me out hear, people will see me” pleaded Charlotte.
“Isn’t that the point” said Carol with a cold voice “Now get out before I call the police”
Shaking Charlotte stepped out of the car, wondering how she had got herself into such a situation reality hit she was naked outside and miles away from her cloths and home. She stood by the side of the road covering herself once again with her hands and watched in horror as Amber and Carol drove off laughing loudly as they did.

    • Great! - PhoenixENF, Thu Feb 14 4:44pm
      Love your story :)
    • Excellent Story - Viredae, Wed Feb 13 12:56pm
      And if there's a part 2, I'd love to see it.
      • Good story - Anonymous , Wed Feb 13 9:24pm
        Good story, I would love to be in her position. Is there a second part coming? (fyi, cloths are something you wash dishes with, I think you meant clothes)
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