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Wed Jul 4, 2018 00:18

Discussion question! Which do you think is more humiliating: being forced to remove your own clothes piece by piece, or being held down and stripped by someone else? Does it depend on who you are? Is there a different answer for a college girl, a college guy, a powerful female CEO, a dignified male academic?

Dying to know what everyone thinks as I mull over scenarios. Thanks!

    • Re: No Subject - Xirix, Wed Jul 25 06:20
      It really depends on a lot of factors: Being demanded to strip. Who is making the demand? Who are you in front of? Is it purposely humiliating or sexually charged or both? Are they bad guys and are... more
    • answer to your quesion - Ginger Keong Hueh Chin, Sat Jul 14 08:22
      well, it is way more worse to have yourself stripped by others since you cant defend yourself and cant decide when to stop. Here in malaysia and china it is normal for girls in schools to wait a girl ... more
      • when was this? how old were you? - Steve Austin, Sun Aug 26 21:33
        Twice? that would be awful. How old were you at the time? And did you have to walk home naked?
      • Re: answer to your quesion - Xirix, Thu Jul 26 02:50
        Ginger Keong Hueh Chin - Do you find yourself masturbating to the memory of your two strippings? Even though this is is a girl on girl thing, were there any boys there to see you get stripped?
      • Inquiry - Anonymous, Sat Jul 14 20:05
        Would you mind sharing your experiences?
    • Humiliation levels - PhilMarlowe, Wed Jul 4 06:53
      I think it depends on the person getting naked. A strong female would be humiliated more by being forced/coerced into strip herself bare. While a meek innocent female would be more humiliated being... more
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