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Looking For A Story
Tue Jul 31, 2018 12:22

There was a story years ago about some girl that went to a bar (or a party) in a costume made entirely out of cotton balls. As she was dancing with people, more and more cotton balls came off until eventually she was naked. Does anyone know where this story is?

    • That's a Hooked6 story - LBS, Sun Aug 19 21:34
      I know the one you mean. It was written by Hooked6, a fantastic writer who doesn't do enough these days IMHO. But he's here often, so if he doesn't see this discussion board post try replying to him... more
      • Hooked6 - Lurker, Mon Sep 24 14:32
        Search asstr.org under authors for hooked6. There´s several stories by him. Not sure about the cotton balls though, But give it a try. 😀
        • Found it - Anonymous, Sun Oct 14 01:09
          Plugging "Hooked6" cotton ball costume into Google brought up this link: http://nudeinsf.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1211041373
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