That's a Hooked6 story
Sun Aug 19, 2018 21:34

I know the one you mean. It was written by Hooked6, a fantastic writer who doesn't do enough these days IMHO. But he's here often, so if he doesn't see this discussion board post try replying to him on the main board.

  • Looking For A Story - Anonymous, Tue Jul 31 12:22
    There was a story years ago about some girl that went to a bar (or a party) in a costume made entirely out of cotton balls. As she was dancing with people, more and more cotton balls came off until... more
    • That's a Hooked6 story - LBS, Sun Aug 19 21:34
      • Hooked6 - Lurker, Mon Sep 24 14:32
        Search asstr.org under authors for hooked6. There´s several stories by him. Not sure about the cotton balls though, But give it a try. 😀
        • Found it - Anonymous, Sun Oct 14 01:09
          Plugging "Hooked6" cotton ball costume into Google brought up this link: http://nudeinsf.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1211041373
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