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Story where a guy bets his penis?
Sat Aug 25, 2018 21:18

Its not what you think, lol, no castration.

But is there a story where if a guy loses he has to let the girl give him a handjob till he cums? sorry for being so vulgar with that but yeah.

Maybe he hesitates and is shy or something, but she says "No, you lost, you have to let me do it."

I forget which story it was, but there was guys and girls there and the boy had lost, the boy was hesitant and outright refused or something and she just kept saying "You have to let me do it, you lost the bet", then got fed up and ended up grabbing by his penis and doing it anyway.

sorry this is so dirty, hehe. lol

If this story hasn't been made, maybe one of the more experienced writers could do something like this, would love to see it. (Sorry if that seems a bit weird loves, everyone has their own kinks, hehe.)

Ciao ;) - Cindy

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