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No Subject
Mon Aug 27, 2018 06:00

Jorgina was the hottest girl in the school, She was popular, well liked, and a cheerleader. Jorgina just had her birthday and was 16. Jorgina dyed her hair blonde, she had blue eyes, but only had A-cup breasts, so she always wore padded out bras, or bikini tops. Her bottom was small too and if she was naked she would like a twelve year old. She was 5 foot 2 inches tall, and because of her skinny and small stature she bullied the younger girls in her school.

One day Jorgina was walking down the corridor at school, were a young year 7 girl, who had just turned 11, bumped into her.

“I’m sorry.” Squeaked the young girl.

“Do you know who I am? You little skank?”” Said Jorgina in her hard voice.

“What did you call me? My names Ellie and I’m sorry for bumping into you.” Said the little girl.

“I called you a skank Ellie, and this is why!” Said Jorgina, who then pulled the little girls trousers down, but unfortunately for Ellie, her panties came down too leaving her bottomless in the corridor.

Everyone in the corridor started laughing at the little girl, Ellie totally embarrassed tried to pull her clothes back up, but one of Jorgina’s bigger friends quickly lifted the young girl into the air. Ellie screamed as Jorgina pulled her trousers, panties, socks and shoes completely off, leaving the small girl totally bottomless and over the big girls shoulder.

“Penny a spank” Said Jorgina, everyone laughed harder as boys and girls spanked Ellie’s bare bottom. The little girl squealed with each spank. Humiliation and embarrassment caused through her with more and more people spanking and laughing at her.

“O.K. Tina I think she’s had enough put her down,” Said Jorgina to Tina who was still holding the girl over her shoulder. Tina nodded and slowly started to put Ellie down, but as she did so, she grabbed the bottom of Ellie’s jumper and shirt, as Ellie’s feet touched the floor, her entire top was left in Tina’s hands. Revealing the small girls d sized breasts to everyone.

More laughter rang through the hall, as the naked girl ran off. As she ran people continued to spank her bare arse. Red faced, crying and absolutely humiliated she ran into the girls bathroom, and hid.

    • Parts in reading order - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 08:04
      Story is in parts Part 1 no subject-anonymous Part 2 re no subject anonymous Part 3 Part 4 re part 3 anonymous Part 5 is part 4
    • Re: No Subject - Anonymous, Mon Aug 27 06:14
      A few months later Ellie wanted revenge, she had been totally humiliated and embarrassed in front of the entire school and wanted pay back, but didn’t know how she was going to get it. The year was... more
      • Part 3 - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 06:43
        The three girls watched Jorgina go into the baths and change into her swimming costume, once in her costume the three girls made their move. Whilst Jorgina was at her most vulnerable, the three girls ... more
        • Re: Part 3 - Anonymous, Mon Aug 27 07:13
          “No” screamed Jorgina and quickly covered herself but it was too late Ellie had captured her full frontal. “Now you’re going to be a good girl arent you, unless you want the school seeing you.” Said... more
          • Part 4 - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 07:57
            “Aww she looks so cute” Said Michelle, who took another picture. Jorgina knew if she did anything she would have these pics all over the internet. Ellie had begun to dig in the bag again. “Right lie... more
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