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Re: Part 3
Mon Aug 27, 2018 07:13

“No” screamed Jorgina and quickly covered herself but it was too late Ellie had captured her full frontal.

“Now you’re going to be a good girl arent you, unless you want the school seeing you.” Said Ellie giggling.

“Pass your locker key.” Said Michelle giggling harder then Ellie.

“Please, I’m naked and this is a joint locker room, boys could come in here any minute.” Said Jorgina scared still trying to cover her modesty with her hands.

“More the reason to speed up, unless you want boys to see you?” Said Louise.

Jorgina bent down and took her locker key off her ankle and passed it to Ellie. Ellie took it from her,

“Now your costume too.” Said Elllie. Jorgina stepped out of her costume and gave it to Michelle before standing back up straight.

“Good little girl,” Said Ellie. The other two girls laughed.

“Now stand up straight hands by your sides so I can dress you.” Said Ellie passing Michelle her phone and taking her bag off her back. Jorgina had only just noticed Ellie’s bag. Jorgina reluctantly placed her hands by her sides.

Ellie opened her bag and looked inside. “Hmm, let’s see what shall we give you first, oh I know.” Said Ellie. She pulled out something small, because it fitted in Ellie’s fist. Ellie put her fist slowly towards Jorgina’s mouth, and shoved a dummy into Jorgina’s open mouth. Jorgina saw it was baby pink right before it entered her mouth, her first reaction was to spit it out, but she remembered the phone and kept it in.

  • Part 3 - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 06:43
    The three girls watched Jorgina go into the baths and change into her swimming costume, once in her costume the three girls made their move. Whilst Jorgina was at her most vulnerable, the three girls ... more
    • Re: Part 3 - Anonymous, Mon Aug 27 07:13
      • Part 4 - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 07:57
        “Aww she looks so cute” Said Michelle, who took another picture. Jorgina knew if she did anything she would have these pics all over the internet. Ellie had begun to dig in the bag again. “Right lie... more
        • Part 6 Ellie’s revenge - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 08:38
          Jorgina cried as Michelle showed her the picture it had already been viewed by several people and people were starting to share it. You couldn’t recognise it was her but if any of the other pictures... more
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