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Part 6 Ellie’s revenge
Mon Aug 27, 2018 08:38 (XFF:

Jorgina cried as Michelle showed her the picture it had already been viewed by several people and people were starting to share it. You couldn’t recognise it was her but if any of the other pictures got online she was sure her identity would come out. The six young teens all laughed at Jorgina’s obvious embarrassment, as Ellie put the nappy in between her legs and did it up.

“Aww someone’s had a long day and needs to get home to bed.” Said Ellie but you can’t go home in just your nappy, here.” Ellie threw her a white garment. “Jorgina were having a sleepover at mine tonight won’t that be fun, and your friends here are all invited.” Said ellie smiling.

Jorgina stood up and quickly put on the garment, it was a nightie, with hello kitty on the front and as Jorgina stood up she realised it only reached just above the bottom of her nappy. If she stood still no one would see but as soon as she walked it would be in view.

“Please can I wear some shorts or a skirt?” Begged Jorgina. “I don’t want people to see me in a nappy.”

The others laughed at Jorgina, “no Jorgie you may not, and keep your dummy in your mouth. If your disobedient one more time all the pictures will be posted and I’ll take away your nightie too.” Said Ellie with finality in her voice.

The seven young teens then left the swimming baths and headed on foot towards Ellie’s house.

“This bag is so heavy, what’s in it Jorgina? Don’t take your dummy out and don’t answer. It was rhetorical. There’s the baths big bins over there they’ll do fine.” Said Louise. They teens walked over and Louise opened Jorgina’s bag.

Jorgina could only watch as Louise routed through her stuff.

“Trainers, and socks nope you don’t need these in the bin they go, oh thong and bra, in they go, what’s next top and bottoms and swimming costume and a towel. That leaves just her perfume, make-up, and obviously the fish slices she enlarges her chest with. In your entire bag goes.” Laughed Louise.

Jorgina started to sob again. “How far is your house from here Ellie?” Asked Laura.

“Only a couple of roads, it’s quite close to the baths really. Why?” Asked Ellie.

“Well it’s quite warm out, and you wouldn’t want, little Jorgie ruining her nightie before bed time, why not make her walk the rest without it, I mean it’s not like she has anything to hide?” Said Laura, Jorgina whimpered they weren’t going to make her walk two roads in just a nappy.

“Well I guess she could walk home without it, your right Laura, take it off her, James and Tom, oh if it rips throw it in the bin and we’ll get her a new one as soon as possible.” Said Ellie grinning, the four girls watched Jorgina struggle against the two boys who removed it, then tore it half before throwing it in the bin.

“Oh dear, looks like she’s going to need a new nightie, she can’t sleep in just her nappy, that wouldn’t be fair.” Said Michelle laughing hard.

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    “Aww she looks so cute” Said Michelle, who took another picture. Jorgina knew if she did anything she would have these pics all over the internet. Ellie had begun to dig in the bag again. “Right lie... more
    • Part 6 Ellie’s revenge - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 08:38
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