Tue Sep 4, 2018 07:22

Could someone write a story based on my idea?

A shy, undeveloped girl somehow wanders into an alternate universe where everybody is naked at all times, and she has to be naked too. Over time, she learns to be more brave with her body, and even has sex with some of the other children. Right before she orgasms, she wakes up in her real world naked.

    • I'd be willing to try this but... - The Controverser, Tue Sep 4 14:36
      My only problem is the children part. If it's okay with you, I'd like to ramp the age to eighteen, still technically a teen. If that is still okay with you, I'll give it a shot. Might take a week or... more
      • To The Controverser - Anonymous, Sun Oct 14 16:33
        Yeah go ahead
      • Lots of ideas - DW, Mon Oct 1 08:54
        I have lots of ideas for stories but no talent to write. I'm always looking for a writer to bring my ideas to life. Most recent was a couple that went to the pre game Super Bowl tailgate party. A... more
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