The Controverser
I'd be willing to try this but...
Tue Sep 4, 2018 14:36

My only problem is the children part. If it's okay with you, I'd like to ramp the age to eighteen, still technically a teen. If that is still okay with you, I'll give it a shot. Might take a week or so...

  • STORY IDEA - Anonymous, Tue Sep 4 07:22
    Could someone write a story based on my idea? A shy, undeveloped girl somehow wanders into an alternate universe where everybody is naked at all times, and she has to be naked too. Over time, she... more
    • I'd be willing to try this but... - The Controverser, Tue Sep 4 14:36
      • To The Controverser - Anonymous, Sun Oct 14 16:33
        Yeah go ahead
      • Lots of ideas - DW, Mon Oct 1 08:54
        I have lots of ideas for stories but no talent to write. I'm always looking for a writer to bring my ideas to life. Most recent was a couple that went to the pre game Super Bowl tailgate party. A... more
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