looking for old story from around 1999
Sat Sep 8, 2018 11:18

Hello, I'm looking for a story about a girl who would sneak out and wander the neighborhood nude. The girl get caught by a older woman who starts mentoring her on publuc nudity. One night the older woman drops the girl off nude across town and the nude girl needs to find her way home nude.
I think the story was on Byrons strppednaked or indian outlaw..

    • Does sound familiar - DW, Mon Oct 1 08:45
      I remember that story. Most likely from IO site.
    • Hmm... - The Controverser, Sun Sep 9 07:15
      Now, I don't know this for sure... but it almost sounds like you are referring to a Kimmie story. I haven't read them all but I do believe in one of the chapters, she meets a neighbor who sort of... more
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