Bare in the bleaches pt 2?
Sun Nov 18, 2018 21:52

There was a story posted awhile back anonymously called "bare in the bleachers" it is one of my personal favorites and the author said it was his/her first story. Would love to see more from this author or a revenge story. If you're out there anon. Tell me what you think

    • In the works? - Suggestor, Wed Feb 27 10:01
      Any chance that part 2 is coming soon anon?
    • Iím still around - Anonymous, Tue Jan 15 13:17
      Didnít know my only story actually got some attention. I could probably make a part 2 happen. Sorry the response took a while. I donít get on this much
      • Would love to see it - Requestor, Wed Jan 16 15:16
        I would love to see what you come up with, the story was very well written and one of my favorites. Such a brutal humiliation deserves a revenge. Or even just more stories from you in general.
    • a - a, Tue Nov 20 07:19
      i aggree
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