Thu Nov 22, 2018 14:29


  • Tumblr blog = toast! - ddandemann, Wed Nov 21 17:23
    Well after 2+ years and 45,000 followers my TGP/SP&G blog and account was terminated by tumblr. 2200 awesome stripping pictures, gifs, and vids. Oh well I've been waiting for this as I notice tumblr... more
    • flagged posts - Tourtatar, Fri Dec 7 11:11
      i think tumblr just banned all mature contnent because its against tos 90% of my posts are flagged
      • Re: flagged posts - ddandemann, Fri Dec 7 21:45
        Yes, Tumblr just changed their policy. Effective 12/17 all adult content & pornography will no longer be allowed on the tuber platform. Amazing since so many use it just for that! Sad
        • Dan - Nikolai, Sat Dec 8 17:13
          Do you plan on trying anything else? With tumblr being gone I'd love to see maybe another site similar to this but for pictures and videos or something
          • Re: Dan - ddandemann, Tue Dec 11 07:54
            Yes I am considering options. Stay tuned
    • Re: Tumblr blog = toast! - dazed, Thu Nov 22 19:06
      Happened to me once too. I wrote a letter and asked them to please reinstate, which they eventually did. Hope they reconsider
    • Rip - Sad, Thu Nov 22 14:29
    • :( - sinfulstories, Wed Nov 21 20:10
      Looking forward to its return...Like a phoenix! :)
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