Thu Nov 29, 2018 16:40

There was the idea we spoke of, where a girl could go out to look for Santa and she loses her pajamas and ends up in her silly holiday slippers.

There's an Idea where maybe a girl goes to work as an elf and some mean girls see an easy target and humilate her through the mail? Maybe wrap her up with a bow?

Or how about a family Christmas evening a girl has to be around her mean cousins. And she tries to avoid them, but the mean cousins think if they leave a surprise for Santa theyll get more gifts?

  • whoops :P - PhoenixENF, Thu Nov 29 11:52
    lets hear some Christmas themed ENF ideas, to get the creative juices flowing :) I was thinking i would write this one in first person as though it was happening to me. But any ideas are welcomed and ... more
    • Ideas - Anonymous, Thu Nov 29 16:40
      • Re:Ideas - PhoenixENF, Thu Nov 29 16:59
        I did a little nod to slippers in my Rain Goddess short, but i wouldn't mind using that idea again. Especially Holiday themed slippers. Wrapping paper and bows give me a devilish idea :) Or Christmas ... more
        • Idea - Anonymous, Thu Nov 29 17:09
          Maybe a girl makes goes out in the snow and rub in to the school bullies where she is striped and wedgie with snow in her panties. Her nipples get hard form the cold at the end of it she is left in... more
          • Snow and Bullies - PhoenixENF, Thu Nov 29 17:46
            Tied and gift wrapped is exactly where my mind was going, And snow is must for the season. Adding Bullies reminds me of "A Christmas Story" Might even have to dust off "The Meg" lol
        • Brainstorming - Anonymous, Thu Nov 29 17:05
          I always find after writing so many years that throwing ideas around is the funnest ways to get the juices going! Im always happy to give feedback
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