Re: Christmas Ideas
Mon Dec 3, 2018 16:24

I like the idea of being forced to try on embarrassing and revealing outfits in front of some co-workers or school mates.
Writting outfits is one of my favorite things to do.

I even like the idea of being forced to use a vibrator in front of them, I really haven't done too much forced masturbation or public masturbation and it sounds like it would be fun to describe

Hahaha your variation of my idea made me seriously giggle as I imagined that poor girl or myself in a box listening to a growing number of voices...trying to guess who they are, and realizing if they open this box I will be basically naked in front of them ;)

  • Christmas Ideas - Anonymous, Mon Dec 3 14:25
    One that crosses my mind every now and then: An agreement to try out each present in front of anyone. ---> Highly lewd presents. May be as tame as sexy lingerie, or as extreme as actual sex toys... more
    • Re: Christmas Ideas - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 16:24
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