The suggestor
Off the top of my head
Mon Dec 3, 2018 18:24

My idea could be at least a couple parts. Maybe a prequel where a girl is humiliated on the last day before Christmas break at school. By the popular girl rival. Her peers see her in some state of undress(naked or near it) and they humiliate her in some other ways (open for interpretation) so that could be a prequel. Then throughout Christmas break she is understandably upset and her holiday spirit is broken. Her senior older sister knowing what hapoened (from all the videos she's seen and her distraught sister) decides enough is enough and she's gonna bring her sister holiday spirit by helping her humiliate the bithch who did this to her. So on Christmas eve. At the mall or any other public place you think would suit her revenge. She takes her there but doesn't tell her why. The girl refuses at first still really bummed out and worried she may see someone she knows. But her older sister insists and drags her along. She brings a bag bUT her little sister doesn't know what's it's for until later. When she sees her rival at the mall(or other public place,) she insists on leaving but then her sister tells her her plan and her lust for revenge kicks in. Her sister opens her bag and shows what she has in mind, in it are handcuffs, a vibrator, tape, (anything thing else hot you can think of) they either suprise attack or confront her and when she insults the younger girl for showing her face they attack. They then of course strip her, handcuff or tie her up, wedgie, spank, and force the girl to cum. They do everything in their power to make this girl regret ever messing with the younger sister. Then with her humiliation complete. Videos filmed of all of it, the older sister tells the younger that this is her present and wishes her merry Christmas. Snapping the girl back into the holiday spirit and out of her funk. After all the popular girls humiliation will be all everyone will talk about and her humiliation will be forgotten. But the other girl will never forget. Nor will everyone with their videos.

All of this is open to interpretation and welcome to put your spin on things. Just came up with it off the top of my head

  • Keep'em Coming - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 13:34
    With Busty the Snowman coming to its final chapter tomorrow. I am once again looking for more Holiday suggestions. Know that i don't use every suggestion, but that I do borrow often from reader's... more
    • Home Alone - Anonymous, Wed Dec 26 18:07
      By far, the most interesting idea of the three is the Home Alone parody. The lingerie girlfriend in front of the boyfriend's family is something that I think I've seen before, and I've definitely... more
    • Krampus - Anonymous, Mon Dec 3 22:11
      The Krampus idea is a lovely idea! I can totally see you making it hot! I had an idea. How about if there's a rich spoiled MILF and shes doing her christmas shopping throwing her money around and... more
    • Off the top of my head - The suggestor, Mon Dec 3 18:24
      • Re: Off the top of my head - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 18:43
        Looks like all the makings of a great revenge story with a holiday sub-plot are there. You really thought this out too, in fact it wouldn't take much to write. Just filling in the blanks. Then adding ... more
        • Hope you like the idea, and go through with it - The suggestor, Mon Dec 3 22:23
          Definitely would love to see you write this. And yes the little sister point of view would definitely be better than a third person pov. You could experience her humiliation through her eyes and what ... more
          • One last tiny detailed request - The suggestor, Mon Dec 3 22:40
            Her legs being spread while they make her cum, or her buttcheeks spread before or during the spanking. It's a tiny detail but one of my favorites in stories. So hot, something about being naked but... more
            • Still interested pheonix? - The suggestor, Wed Dec 26 17:19
              Idk if you'll see this but are you still interested in my plot idea?
    • Christmas Ideas - Anonymous, Mon Dec 3 14:25
      One that crosses my mind every now and then: An agreement to try out each present in front of anyone. ---> Highly lewd presents. May be as tame as sexy lingerie, or as extreme as actual sex toys... more
      • Re: Christmas Ideas - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 16:24
        I like the idea of being forced to try on embarrassing and revealing outfits in front of some co-workers or school mates. Writting outfits is one of my favorite things to do. I even like the idea of... more
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