The suggestor
Hope you like the idea, and go through with it
Mon Dec 3, 2018 22:23

Definitely would love to see you write this. And yes the little sister point of view would definitely be better than a third person pov. You could experience her humiliation through her eyes and what she felt, then show the lust of revenge through her pov to her bullie. I really think you could make this a hot ass story and would love to see it come into play, also on a side note I was the one who suggested the waitress story to you :) eventually would love to see a revenge for that one, after the holiday season of course

  • Re: Off the top of my head - PhoenixENF, Mon Dec 3 18:43
    Looks like all the makings of a great revenge story with a holiday sub-plot are there. You really thought this out too, in fact it wouldn't take much to write. Just filling in the blanks. Then adding ... more
    • Hope you like the idea, and go through with it - The suggestor, Mon Dec 3 22:23
      • One last tiny detailed request - The suggestor, Mon Dec 3 22:40
        Her legs being spread while they make her cum, or her buttcheeks spread before or during the spanking. It's a tiny detail but one of my favorites in stories. So hot, something about being naked but... more
        • Still interested pheonix? - The suggestor, Wed Dec 26 17:19
          Idk if you'll see this but are you still interested in my plot idea?
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