Winter Contest Gabriellas Holiday Humiliation
Tue Dec 11, 2018 07:27

I am in the process of writing part 3 but I am having some trouble coming up with idea, any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated

    • Well, Gabriella goes back inside, her only clothes in shreds. Of course her mother won't give her any other ones, right? She might even be mad that the clothes are destroyed, and punish her in some... more
      • Good idea - Miklotov, Wed Dec 12 05:23
        This is actually a really good idea for after the weekend! What I had been writing so far was that after she goes inside, her mother gets a call from her aunt Janie, they have a family emergency and... more
        • Re: Good idea - Anonymous, Sat Dec 15 15:23
          For me, tickling always does the trick... even better with a few boys filled up with hormones from puberty... thanks for the story so far
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