Re: Where is everyone
Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:11

Maybe the pedophile reposting stories from a pedophile drove everyone away. Thatís why Iíve been gone.

  • Where is everyone - Where, Tue Dec 18 05:48
    Where is everyone? I feel like the site was busy for a few days now been dead a week
    • Working - Executionus, Wed Dec 19 20:43
      It's the week before Christmas. A ton of us are working from wake-up time to bed time until the new year (me included). We got unusually active with Christmas contest entries a couple weeks back, but ... more
      • Lols - Executionus, Wed Dec 19 20:48
        Apparently if you type "traffic" followed by "until", the censors block the middle portion even with a space AND a ( in between them.
    • Re: Where is everyone - Anonymous, Wed Dec 19 11:11
      • Re: Where is everyone - Anonymous, Wed Dec 19 11:46
        Is there anything we can do about it? It doesn't seem like the board is consistently moderated. But I agree 100%. We shouldn't allow that shit here.
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