Very embarrassed
Wed Dec 19, 2018 19:19

One day when I was walking to school from home this girl, Scarlet asked me for all the money I had. I told her I didn't have any. She simply said she'll check herself. She took me down easily because of our size and weight differences and found out I did have 20 dollars and 40 cents. In my sweater pocket.

"Lying bitch!" she yelled at me. So as my 'punishment' she picked me up and pulled me to the path in the woods where nobody walks. Then she easily unzipped my skirt revealing my dark green panties. I flushed embarrassed, but was half relieved we weren't near anyone or that nobody could see. She took my skirt all the way, then started pulling down my panties.

"Wait! Why?" "You lied to me, you deserve this more" then she took my panties off, revealing my tiny butt, she laughed at this. Then she threw my panties into her backpack. and she started spanking my butt, so hard it turned red! When I thought it was over she put my arms up and pulled my shirt up all the way, and unhooked my bra. Then just like she did with my panties she put my bra in her backpack. She told me to put my skirt and shirt back on. So I went the whole day commando.

But it didn't end there. When I went home I went to sleep, I woke up. This time I wore sweat pants instead of a skirt, and I didn't have any normal panties to wear because my green ones were stolen. So I had to wear panties that had a picture of a bear on the back. I put on a matching white bra.

Then I started walking (There wasn't school) to my friends house. When I ran into Scarlet who just grabbed me. She took me to her house, and of course her parents weren't there. She put me into her room, and locked the door. She grabbed my panties and gave me a wedgie then hung me on a metal coat hanger she had up she left me there for about 1 hour, by this point I knew her parents had to have been on a vacation. after the hour, she left downstairs. She came back and had fully popped popcorn. I already knew this wouldn't be fun. She waited even more, until my panties got a tear in it. Then she pulled me down. She told me to follow her to the highest floor she had, and told me to go out on the balcony. When I went out she pulled down my pants. Then I tried when trying to get them back, which gave her the best opportunity to take off my shirt without any struggle, then she push me out on the balcony again. So there I was, half naked on the balcony where anyone could see. Some people looked and laughed a bit. But nothing too bad.

Then after a half hour of embarrassment she took me out. then sat me in a chair. Then she called a bunch of her friends to come over. They all came over about 1 hour later. Then she took me out of her room, with my clothes and told me to stay in one spot. After everyone saw me half naked standing where everyone could see they all started to laugh. I even saw one camera flash. Then she came behind me pushed me down. Pulled me up, pushed me down, and this went on for a while. Then she asked me "Bra, or panties?" I thought the question would be which one do you want to keep. So I said "Panties" and she ripped my panties off and added it to the collection of clothes, so she left me there and they started talking for a while. Then she said "Okay, who wants the panties?" and everyone saw my white bear panties, and boys started placing bids on it, it went up to 140 dollars. Then she sat me on her leg, and started spanking, forever. When it was a century later I got to go. But she kept all the clothes except for my bra, Which I tied around my waist so nobody could see my ass or kitty. Worst two days ever!

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