Wed Dec 19, 2018 20:43

It's the week before Christmas. A ton of us are working from wake-up time to bed time until the new year (me included). We got unusually active with Christmas contest entries a couple weeks back, but we probably won't see much else for a while because our home lives are so hectic now. It'll pick up again January.

As an aside, I highly doubt a story about a 10-year-old affected user traffic in any meaningful way. We have had much worse (including graphic) that was ignored by everyone. And really, if Chan messageboards are any indication, aiming young most certainly does NOT hurt traffi...il they get shut down, of course).

The worst traffic-killer we ever had was when the spam-bots kept filling the entire front page with ads. God that sucked, glad that's over with.

  • Where is everyone - Where, Tue Dec 18 05:48
    Where is everyone? I feel like the site was busy for a few days now been dead a week
    • Working - Executionus, Wed Dec 19 20:43
      • Lols - Executionus, Wed Dec 19 20:48
        Apparently if you type "traffic" followed by "until", the censors block the middle portion even with a space AND a ( in between them.
    • Re: Where is everyone - Anonymous, Wed Dec 19 11:11
      Maybe the pedophile reposting stories from a pedophile drove everyone away. Thatís why Iíve been gone.
      • Re: Where is everyone - Anonymous, Wed Dec 19 11:46
        Is there anything we can do about it? It doesn't seem like the board is consistently moderated. But I agree 100%. We shouldn't allow that shit here.
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