Looking for old stories
Mon Dec 24, 2018 15:57

I was a fan of the old stripping board, before this new one started.
Just spent a lot of time reviewing it looking for a couple of old stories.
However, can't find them and require assistance (if possible).

1) Think the author was "Brian Lorenzo" or similar, was about a bully who stripped a guy's sister naked at a birthday party and ...ed her in front of the party. Sequel to this was to get revenge on him (by getting him expelled from school, but backfired and both brother/sister are stripped naked on school stage and ends up with brother ...ing his sister.

2) Was a series of teacher stripped naked for class stories, where the teacher made a promise to students if they all scored A+, she would strip naked for the entire class. She finally does and somehow gets locked out of the classroom. This was the last part that I saw published and nothing newer was published. Was keen on seeing how the story continued on from there.

Finally, just some feedback in general for this new storyboard. I am not very happy with the limited search feature on the page. As I have read several good stories on this new board, and now can't find them as there is only a limited selection that match the search criteria or no way of selecting a next page of search criteria.

    • Stories - MickGesitt, Tue Dec 25 06:04
      Youíre in luck, the author who wrote the Brian Lorenzo story that you mentioned also wrote one of my all-time favorite stories Detention for Melissa. So Iím very familiar with it. I have another site ... more
      • Stories - Aussie, Tue Dec 25 15:25
        Thanks Mick Gesitt, I did come across a similar link and found the Brian Lorenzo stories about an hour after posting my message. So I am happy that I found them at long last. I'm sure to enjoy the... more
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