Tue Dec 25, 2018 15:25

Thanks Mick Gesitt,

I did come across a similar link and found the Brian Lorenzo stories about an hour after posting my message. So I am happy that I found them at long last. I'm sure to enjoy the "Detention for Melissa" story as well.

Your probably right about both stories being on another board and not this storyboard (old or new version), as I have visited so many other storyboards I couldn't remember which one I saw it on.
Certainly don't blame you for not searching for the exact link for me, and especially on Xmas day.
I appreciate your effort and your advice, I will endeavor to use the information you have provided and continue my search there.

Hope you had a great Xmas.

  • Stories - MickGesitt, Tue Dec 25 06:04
    Youíre in luck, the author who wrote the Brian Lorenzo story that you mentioned also wrote one of my all-time favorite stories Detention for Melissa. So Iím very familiar with it. I have another site ... more
    • Stories - Aussie, Tue Dec 25 15:25
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