Sun Jan 20, 2019 06:54

Whatever happened to that series about the young jedi who stripped people with his powers? I remembered it being really good and disappointed that it stopped being added to. If the author sees this, maybe they can add more chapters?

    • Re: Jedi - Booty, Sun Jan 20 11:57
      Aw, shucks, Fantastic4, you're making me blush. I could make a few more chapters, but most of the reason I stopped was because I felt like the story was mostly finished. I could add a bit about the... more
      • Awesome! - Fantastic4, Wed Jan 23 19:11
        Both of those ideas sound awesome! Personally, I'd love to see how Luke's date turns out and see if there is a happily ever after, but a spin-off also sounds really cool! If you do ever come back to... more
      • Both sound great - Anonymous, Sun Jan 20 22:27
        Mara’s prequel sounds pretty great, though surely Luke and Mara could end up having an epic showdown in the finale of Suburban Jedi
      • Spinoff - XP, Sun Jan 20 21:25
        That idea sounds amazing, having the character slowly give in to the corruption instead of constantly fighting it would open up so many more mischievous possibilities.
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