Re: Jedi
Sun Jan 20, 2019 11:57

Aw, shucks, Fantastic4, you're making me blush. I could make a few more chapters, but most of the reason I stopped was because I felt like the story was mostly finished. I could add a bit about the hot English teacher coming back to work (as a registered nudist now and forced to teach naked because why not), and a bit more with Luke and Mara's date at the Ren Fair and all the shenanigans that could ensue, but everything would feel like falling action.

Alternatively, instead of dragging out his happily ever after, I could write a spinoff series, Adventures of a Suburban Sith or something, focusing on Mara's start of darkness. She'd begin as a geeky, flat-chested loner who would get stripped and humiliated by the popular girls, but over the course the story, she'd slowly come into her power, turn the tables on her tormenters, and establish herself as the dark, unrivaled queen of her high school.

Or something. It depends on if that many people are really interested.

  • Jedi - Fantastic4, Sun Jan 20 06:54
    Whatever happened to that series about the young jedi who stripped people with his powers? I remembered it being really good and disappointed that it stopped being added to. If the author sees this,... more
    • Re: Jedi - Booty, Sun Jan 20 11:57
      • Awesome! - Fantastic4, Wed Jan 23 19:11
        Both of those ideas sound awesome! Personally, I'd love to see how Luke's date turns out and see if there is a happily ever after, but a spin-off also sounds really cool! If you do ever come back to... more
      • Both sound great - Anonymous, Sun Jan 20 22:27
        Mara’s prequel sounds pretty great, though surely Luke and Mara could end up having an epic showdown in the finale of Suburban Jedi
      • Spinoff - XP, Sun Jan 20 21:25
        That idea sounds amazing, having the character slowly give in to the corruption instead of constantly fighting it would open up so many more mischievous possibilities.
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