Still interested
Wed Jan 23, 2019 04:49

Phoenix i understand being burnt out I was just curious if one of those stories you were working on was possibly my suggestion from the "keep me coming" post. You seemed to love the idea and I'd love to see what you make of it. And another waitress story

  • Catching Fire and Other Projects - PhoenixENF, Tue Jan 22 22:35
    Thank you for being a fan of my stories, truth is i got burned out. I was writing "Busty the Snowman Part 3" and all of a sudden i got writers block. I didn't like anything i was writing so i... more
    • Can you link your sunreddit - alak555, Wed Jan 23 16:56
      When I did a google search I couldn't find it also I enjoy your stories and hope you will get out of your writer's block.
      • Sub Link - PhoenixENF, Wed Jan 23 17:10
        • Re: Sub Link - Anonymous, Wed Jan 23 20:45
          It won’t let see it
      • subreddit* (nm) - alaks, Wed Jan 23 16:57
    • Still interested - Suggestor, Wed Jan 23 04:49
      • Sisters Revenge - PhoenixENF, Wed Jan 23 09:12
        Yes, i remember this being one of my favorite suggestion for the holiday story. I took the notes down under "Sister's Revenge" The great thing about your suggestion is that it works anytime of the... more
        • Take your time - Suggestor, Wed Jan 23 13:03
          Love it, would love to see how it plays out sounds great. Take your time we were all just making sure you weren't gone lol
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