Sisters Revenge
Wed Jan 23, 2019 09:12

Yes, i remember this being one of my favorite suggestion for the holiday story.

I took the notes down under "Sister's Revenge"

The great thing about your suggestion is that it works anytime of the year.

My Notes:

-When i was writing it i had the sisters corner the girl (Lana) who had tormented the younger sister.
-The older sister manages to intimidate Lana and get an apology, but it's not enough as she remembered the humiliation her little sister went through.
-The sisters overpower Lana and tie her naked to the train ride for the kids at the mall.
-Naked on all fours with her tiny breast hanging, her pussy and butthole are on display to all as the train travels around the mall.
-They gag her with her own panties and her tears make her mascara run.
-Crowds draw their cell phones to capture the humiliating predicament Lana is in.
-The older sister stops the train at the food court, and uses some food to humiliate her further.
-Still tied on her hands and knees Lana is toured to other stores where different embarrassing things are done to her.
-At a toy store Lana is forced to cum with a Playstation controller, held to her throbbing pussy and butthole the controller drives Lana to climax in front of a bunch of gamer nerds.
-With juices dripping down her legs (post masturbation) the train is set to Auto and pointed toward the mall parking lot
-The sister high five on a job well done as poor naked Lana is ferried away to who knows where on the train.
-Lots of crying, uncontrollable body reactions, back arching, internal mental anguish, cute tiny breast hanging, pussy and butthole on full display...ect.

That's about it, I never wrote any of it, but my notes were done.
Which is the last stage before i start writing a story.

Just need to get myself to focus and i can knock this story and the dozen others i have stuck in concept and partially written limbo.

Again Thank You for supporting my works.
I really hope to get over this writers block soon :(

  • Still interested - Suggestor, Wed Jan 23 04:49
    Phoenix i understand being burnt out I was just curious if one of those stories you were working on was possibly my suggestion from the "keep me coming" post. You seemed to love the idea and I'd love ... more
    • Sisters Revenge - PhoenixENF, Wed Jan 23 09:12
      • Take your time - Suggestor, Wed Jan 23 13:03
        Love it, would love to see how it plays out sounds great. Take your time we were all just making sure you weren't gone lol
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